Cyber security

Wärtsilä Cyber services provide you with an understanding of the current cyber security status of your operational environment and provide mitigation actions for identified risks. This involves a systematic approach, from assessing your current cyber posture to implementing appropriate measures by means of cyber controls and lifecycle services.
We deliver cyber security as a service!

Cyber modules

Wärtsilä Cyber services help you to understand the cyber security status of your operational environment and mitigate identified risks. We use a systematic approach, from assessing your current cyber posture to implementing appropriate cyber controls and lifecycle services.

Cyber resilience

    Cyber assessment
    Assess your current situation and understand where you are in terms of cyber risks, compliance gaps or technical vulnerabilities.
    Cyber services
    Cyber foundation

    Establish the foundation for your cyber risk management by setting up a cyber management system, governance and policies.

    Cyber foundation
    Cyber protection
    Implement procedural and technical controls and system upgrades to reduce cyber risks.

    Cyber services
    Cyber recovery

    Maintain resilience with active threat and security monitoring and effective incident response.

    Cyber services

    Ensuring compliance with industrial standards and industry best practices
    – as well as meeting your own regulatory compliance requirements

    Wärtsilä Cyber services support customers in area and business specific compliance, such as:
      Marine Standards/Regulations:
    • BIMCO: Guidelines, Cyber security onboard ships
    • ABS: Guidance notes on the Application on Cybersecurity Principles to Marine and Offshore Operations
    • DNV recommended practice for cyber security resilience management
    • IET: Code of Practise, Cyber Security for Ships

    Assess your cyber security 


    Marine cyber security fitness assessment

    Assess your cyber security fitness. To understand the status and most important threats to your organisation, business and brand, we encourage you to take a small “Cyber security fitness assessment”.

    Check out your cyber security fitness

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