Wärtsilä ICS patch validation

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Wärtsilä ICS patch validation

Wärtsilä ICS vulnerability management solution is a set of services aimed at managing vulnerabilities, mitigating risks and running your operations more securely. It consists of several interconnected components which are available as a combined solution or as separate services to meet the needs of your organization.

Wärtsilä ICS patch validation service, a service within Wärtsilä ICS vulnerability management solution, helps you to ensure that no unwanted effects of security updates are introduced to your specific critical Operational Technology (OT) assets.


  • Obtain tested, validated and approved security updates for your specific critical OT assets
  • Reduce possibility of unexpected issues that may cause downtime
  • Meet your compliance needs related to patch validation before installation
  • Combine with other cyber services for a comprehensive vulnerability management solution


The Wärtsilä ICS patch validation service is available for specific critical Wärtsilä automation systems.

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