Wärtsilä ICS risk assessment

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Wärtsilä ICS risk assessment

Identify your critical assets and understand your related cyber maturity level by revealing cyber risks, possible compliance gaps and technical vulnerabilities.


  • Reveal potential cyber threats to your industrial control systems (ICS)
  • Help ensure operational availability by providing concrete risk mitigation actions and recommendations
  • Minimise impact on production losses due to cyber incidents
  • Address risks related to critical assets that have potential consequences for health, safety and environment (HSE), or operational damages
  • Ensure compliance with industrial standards and industry best practices – and meet your own regulatory compliance requirements


The Wärtsilä ICS risk assessment service can be performed for both Wärtsilä and non-Wärtsilä installed base in the energy and marine industries. Service is always tailored according to your needs and situation. Assessment results can be used as an input to your risk management analysis and related decisions.

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