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Wärtsilä ICS asset visualisation

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Wärtsilä ICS asset visualisation

Wärtsilä ICS vulnerability management solution is a set of services aimed at managing vulnerabilities, mitigating risks and running your operations more securely. It consists of several interconnected components which are available as a combined solution or as separate services to meet the needs of your organization.

Wärtsilä ICS asset visualisation service, a service within Wärtsilä ICS vulnerability management solution, provides you visibility into your operational technology (OT) assets by identifying each device, highlighting vulnerabilities that exist and possible accidental misconfigurations. Thus, it enhances your capability to proactively assess cyber risk on an asset-to-asset basis.


  • Obtain an accurate inventory of assets within your OT network
  • Highlight/discover any vulnerabilities associated with the OT assets
  • Receive feedback on the security of the OT network
  • Combine with other cyber services for a comprehensive vulnerability management solution
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