The Libas, delivered 2004, is a combined purse seiner and trawler designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design for the future needs of the global pelagic fleet.

The propulsion consists of one flexible mounted Wärtsilä 12V32 medium speed main engine driving a SCV95/2-PD58 gearbox with 1500 kW PTO/PTI, a booster and generator.

For Norway, it is vital to monitor its huge marine resources, spread across an extensive economic zone, and to study environmental developments. The Libas has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art platform for Scientists gathering marine biological and physical field data. Scientists are able to control the equipment from their offices, and thus collect data while the vessel is in commercial operation.

The vessel’s design emphasises low fuel consumption, and meets the demand for low levels of noise and high-speed sailing. The skewed propeller works with an HR nozzle to ensure high thrust while trawling, and high speed during transit. The flexible propulsion arrangement provides optimal total efficiency in various operational modes.

Libas, purse seiner/trawler, 2004

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