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As the marine industry is embracing decarbonisation as a fact of life it is now possible to look at the challenge in a new and positive way, profitable decarbonisation. For many years solutions have been available to reduce emissions but it is only recently that the business case to drive this paradygm shift has become clear – one that delivers reduced emissions for retrofits and new build projects and adds real competitive advantage. A strategic approach to this challenge is necessary and will include three components depending on a vessel’s operating profile :

  • Alternative green fuels
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Electrification

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How does electricity fit into this approach? 

Electrical solutions  and their role on vessels has clearly been part of a vessel design for many years, such as Diesel-Electric-propulsion or shaft generators, etc. However, the share of green energy from renewable sources such as wind, water, solar in the land based electrical grid has in recent years increased significantly and will continue to do so. Therefore, by combining this shift in shore based green energy with vessels capable of utilising shore connection will enable vessels to reduce emissions dramatically.  

Flexibility was once not a consideration in vessel design and as seen when slow steaming was the favoured solution to reducing emissions for many vessels, this lack of flexibility meant some vessel will never be fully optimised. The use of electrical systems onboard will enable smarter propulsion systems that are more resilient and flexible enough to adapt to future changing needs  more easily.

wartsila electric ecosystem

Electrical system examples

Below are some examples of actual systems for a variety of vessel types.

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RoRo - Diesel electric, PTO/PTI and hybrid
Ferry - Diesel electric and hybrid
Ferry – Zero emissions
Cruise Vessel - Fuel cell diesel electric propulsion
Bulk Carrier - Hybrid propulsion with PTO/PTI and shore connection
OSV - Hybrid propulsion
Shuttle Tanker - Diesel Electric
Tug – Hybrid 
Fishing Vessel - Hybrid
LNG Carrier - Shaft generator system

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