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Wärtsilä service employee
25 Jun 2024 · Article
5 min read
Why less critical spare parts for ships may matter more than you think
Many think that if you take care of critical spare parts, you can protect...
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30 May 2024 · Article
2 min read
How an information security certified vendor helps you mitigate risks
Looking for a Marine or Energy partner committed to securely managing your...
29 May 2024 · Article
6 min read
Faster, cheaper, cleaner: The grid balancing technology shaping our renewable future
We stand at a tipping point in the energy transition. By the...
Wärtsilä employees monitor engines
28 May 2024 · Article
5 min read
Strong decarbonisation strategy for your ship? 3 simple steps to success
If you’re looking for the right decarbonisation strategy for your vessel,...
Wärtsilä employees in conversation
30 Apr 2024 · Article
5 min read
What’s the number one thing you could do for smarter ship maintenance?
Looking to improve your ship maintenance? The nr 1 thing results in less...
Yamama Cement power plant
25 Apr 2024 · Article
3 min read
Revolutionising Energy Provision: The Effectiveness of Gas Engine Technology
In the ever-evolving landscape of energy provision, the choice of...
Wärtsilä 20 marine engine
10 Apr 2024 · Article
3 min read
Gas Engines are the Perfect Solution for Energy Transition
As the world continues its journey towards a sustainable future, the debate over the best...
Container ships lie at the quay in the port
25 Apr 2024 · Article
5 min read
Ship to shore power: 5 exciting reasons why it’s time to invest
A shore power connection will save fuel and cut your vessel emissions – here are...
17 Apr 2024 · Article
4 min read
The Carbon Impact Curve: Unpacking the Energy Transition's Complexity
The early days of the energy transition held a comforting promise. Replacing...
A new standard of BOG management
12 Apr 2024 · Article
4 min read
A new standard of BOG management
Developments for enhanced flexibility and efficiency of cargo management on LNG carriers.
Men working with tablet
3 Apr 2024 · Article
5 min read
Vessel pooling – what is it and how does it help you avoid FuelEU Maritime penalties?
Renewable and low-carbon fuels are the future of marine....
Cruise vessel Le Commandant Charcot ©PONANT-Daniel Ernst
26 Mar 2024 · Article
5 min read
How can small cruise ships decarbonise? 5 top tips from an expert
When it comes to small cruise ships and decarbonisation, there are several...
Aasfoss © Aasen Shipping
12 Mar 2024 · Article
5 min read
Hybrid ships: a surprising reason they are such an excellent idea
Hybrid ships can save you money in three key ways – but there’s also one...
Wärtsilä Methanol engine type illustration
20 Feb 2024 · Article
5 min read
Which engine are you? 5 fun engine personality secrets you never knew
A wildly popular online test revealed 5 fun engine personality secrets. See...
18 Jan 2024 · Article
6 min read
Fresh opportunities emerge for VOC recovery
New EU regulations could add to the incentives for managing the methane present in the volatile organic...
Wärtsilä employee with propeller
16 Jan 2024 · Article
3 min read
3D measurement and scanning: what is it and why should ship owners care?
3D scanning and measurement can help ship owners with equipment health...
Image of a lady wearing Wärtsilä safety gear standing in the corridor of a power plant with machinery on either side.
27 Dec 2023 · Article
4 min read
Navigating Europe's clean energy revolution
Europe stands at the forefront of the global shift towards clean energy, yet a delicate equilibrium is...
Image of a man wearing Wärtsilä safety gear along with a helmet with the Wärtsilä logo using a tablet
22 Dec 2023 · Article
4 min read
Will the EU’s new AI act enable or stifle innovation?
The EU’s new AI Act is the first of its kind in the world. That said, the act has its...
Image of a spacecraft module attached to a 700 m long electro-dynamic tether that will drag the spacecraft towards Earth.
21 Dec 2023 · Article
4 min read
This new rating will help explore space sustainably.
Space could very well be humanity’s final frontier, provided they can navigate a safe path...
Wrapped up presents
19 Dec 2023 · Article
5 min read
7 insightful tips: This year’s best pieces of content for maritime professionals
7 essential maritime insights from 2023 in one place – from...
Image of a man looking at different screens
14 Dec 2023 · Article
4 min read
Here’s how AI will supercharge the future workforce
Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies like Generative AI are transforming how we...
Cityscape as dusk falls. Skyscrapers with the last rays of the setting sun falling on them.
12 Dec 2023 · Article
4 min read
Faster, higher, warmer? The sheer task of predicting extreme weather.
With climate change making long-range weather forecasts harder to predict,...
To reduce climate action, faster and smarter is the way to go
7 Dec 2023 · Article
5 min read
Do or die: Accelerating the green energy transition
We are witnessing our planet warming at a record pace, likely breaching the 1.5°C climate target...
Wärtsilä service employee
5 Dec 2023 · Article
5 min read
7 truths about OEM spare parts you wish you had known before
Do you have these wrong ideas about OEM spare parts for marine? Learn seven of the most...
The high cost of cooling our world
5 Dec 2023 · Article
5 min read
The high cost of cooling our world
As summer's heat bears down, seeking solace in the cool comfort of air conditioning has become a common refuge....
Heavy Lift Jack-Up Vessel
30 Nov 2023 · Article
6 min read
Retractable thrusters: five features that matter when station keeping in offshore operations
Station keeping is essential for offshore vessels –...
What is a deeply responsible business and how can it change the world?
30 Nov 2023 · Article
5 min read
What is deep responsibility and how can it change the world?
In a world where sustainability is the foremost societal concern, the lines of what...
Should we pay for essential cyber security?
28 Nov 2023 · Article
5 min read
Who should pay for cyber security?
With both costs and risks around cyber security growing, it’s clear that consumers and companies alike must...
Image of a giant crack in a glacier
23 Nov 2023 · Article
4 min read
Feedback loops - The key to slowing global warming?
A recent study identified a series of climatic feedback loops unaccounted for in most climate...
image of a lighthouse next to a pier with ship sailing in the distance
21 Nov 2023 · Article
4 min read
Here’s how sustainable technologies could help solve the global water crisis
Access to clean freshwater is essential to human life, yet more than a...