Woman wearing safety headphones and visor. Reflection of tablet on visor.
29 MAR 2023 Article
5 min read

The AI gender gap: living in a world designed by men

Over a third of companies employ artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise and automate their...
Interior view of Wärtsilä's Kampen facility in the Netherlands. Cartons, machinery and people visible.
23 MAR 2023 Article
3 min read

Energy savings start at home

As the mercury rises across the planet and energy costs soar, so too does the pressure to commit to more sustainable...
Diversity and Inclusion at work
22 MAR 2023 Article
5 min read

Diversity of thought – a lifelong journey and a driver for success

Diversity has undergone somewhat of an inflation since the concept became a...
City with social media icons
15 MAR 2023 Article
4 min read

How can businesses keep the trust?

Business is once again society’s most powerful force, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer that measures...
Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub
13 MAR 2023 Article
4 min read

Every breath you take

Wärtsilä promotes clearer minds, champions sustainability with CO2 capture at STH.
Office buildings, green trees and sunny weather
9 MAR 2023 Article
6 min read

What does the US climate risk disclosure mandate mean for big businesses?

The SEC is on track to mandate the disclosure of climate-related...
8 MAR 2023 Article
5 min read

Unlock the potential of technology with equality

This year at Wärtsilä, we celebrated International Women’s Day early with our event “Innovating...
6 MAR 2023 Article
3 min read

Bridging the gap between net zero and now - the current scrubber retrofit landscape

A small mushroom growing in moss
1 MAR 2023 Article
5 min read

Protecting the planet for nature

As time is running out for nature, what are the chances of us succeeding in stopping biodiversity loss? In December...
28 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

Future fuels A to Z – 19 best picks on future marine fuel technology

The 19 best picks on marine future fuel technology to help you comply with...
23 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

Short sea shipping and sustainability: 3 interesting considerations

Could an aging fleet and tightening environmental regulations be an opportunity...
Manufacturing robotics on a pink background
22 FEB 2023 Article
6 min read

Deep tech may just save the planet

Deep tech innovation has the potential to solve humanity’s most complex economic, environmental, business, and...
Risto Paldanius - Wärtsilä Energy
21 FEB 2023 Article
4 min read

Why phasing out fossil fuels is possible

At the Reuters Energy Transition North America conference held in Houston last Fall, one sentiment...
17 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

New research shows the maritime industry values data, but needs the right technology to realise its potential

Maritime organisations face challenges...
art drawing, people on a rice field, yellow field, fish
15 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

A message of hope through art

They say art is not what you see, but what you make others see. We spoke to artists who are highlighting the effects...
Hanna-Maria Heikkinen Wärtsilä
14 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

Democratised investor relations ensure investor equality in a turbulent market

What does the current energy investment landscape look like? VP of...
Coffee making, coffee pan and grinder
8 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

Wake up and smell the coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s top commodities – but now its future is under threat due to climate change. Luckily, there...
3 FEB 2023 Article
3 min read

Twentyfour7. Insights Year 2022: 265 content pieces consumed around 400 thousand times, and 81 tons of carbon to be stored

The whole Insights team...
Classroom, India, students in classroom
1 FEB 2023 Article
5 min read

Bridging India’s digital divide

Digitalisation is spreading at lightning speed in India. Yet, most of the nation’s population lives in rural areas,...
who do you entrust your business-critical assets to
31 JAN 2023 Article
5 min read

Who do you entrust your business-critical assets to?

Learn why certifying information systems and products is even more important in times of...