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Pearsall Station

Texas, USA

203 MW

"Wärtsilä’s solution has allowed us to respond to changes in the grid when the wind stops blowing, being able to keep the plant at peak efficiency at all times thanks to the ability to dispatch the units in increments that fit our load.”

- John Packard, Manager of Generation, STEC



Texas, commonly known as the Lone Star State, has long been a land desired by many, perennially disputed by different dwellers. Much of this is due to the plentiful natural resources available in the area, which have appeased the hunger and thirst of generation after generation since at least eight thousand years ago. Many peoples have inhabited the Texan territory, frequently fighting one another for its control – yet no one has tamed this rough environment, characterised by vast deserts, blazing winds, burning sun and mighty rivers.

Texas is nowadays home to more than 26 million people – many of whom live in dense metropolitan areas, while more than 3.5 million inhabit scattered rural settlements. The unique demographic distribution over such a wide area – the state of Texas nearly doubles the size of Germany or Japan - poses tremendous challenges on its power grid, since the amount of consumption points to be served is virtually infinite and they are situated very far away from each other. Hence, the whole power system must be kept in a delicate balance at all times.

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Main data

   Customer   STEC (Utility)
   Type   Wärtsilä 34 gas grid stability
   Operating mode   Peak load / standby & emergency
   Gensets   24 x Wärtsilä 20V34SG 
   Total output   203 MW 
   Fuel   Natural gas
   Scope   EEQ (engineering & equipment)
   Delivered   2009

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