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Leading the energy transition

Wärtsilä Energy is at the forefront of the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our customers and the power sector to accelerate their decarbonisation journeys through our market-leading technologies and power system expertise. Our solutions include flexible engine power plants, energy storage and optimisation technology, and services for the whole lifecycle of our installations. Our engines are future-proof and can run on sustainable fuels.

Our track record comprises 79 GW of power plant capacity, of which 18 GW are under service agreements, and over 125 energy storage systems, in 180 countries around the world. 



Towards a 100% renewable energy future

We are in the midst of the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future, a world where homes and businesses are powered in a sustainable way. No one person or company alone can change the world overnight. No single, brilliant move will complete the game. It’s something we all need to do together.

Our proudest numbers

79 GW

of power plant capacity installed.


energy storage installations delivered.

99.1 %

annual reliability for power plants operated by Wärtsilä.

Market-leading solutions for energy

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Every second counts in the energy transition

Fast, flexible balancing power is essential for the energy transition. Learn how flexibility can be added to power systems

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Latest press releases and news

Wärtsilä to provide energy storage system for Tampa Electric Company’s growing solar portfolio

Dec 12, 2023, 14:00 by Wärtsilä Corporation

Technology group Wärtsilä will supply a 15-megawatt (MW) / 30-megawatt hour (MWh) energy storage system to Tampa Electric Company (TECO), which will be co-located with a 25 MW solar plant in Dover, Florida. The project will ensure grid reliability as the utility scales up its portfolio of solar energy. The order was booked to Wärtsilä’s order intake in March 2023.

This will be TECO’s second utility-scale energy storage facility. As the top producer of solar energy per customer in Florida, energy storage will enable TECO to fill in periods of intermittency and provide control over when energy can be discharged to the grid. The Wärtsilä facility will provide critical grid services including resource adequacy, frequency support, and solar shifting.

"Wärtsilä is proud to work with Tampa Electric Company to provide flexible utility-scale solutions designed to enable more sustainable energy production and management," said Andrew Tang, Vice President, Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation. "Energy storage allows our customers to optimise renewable energy for a safer and more resilient grid and we're eager to see this system come to life in 2024."

The GEMS Digital Energy Platform, Wärtsilä’s sophisticated energy management system, will control the dispatch of the energy storage system. Wärtsilä’s Storage+ solution empowers users to get the most out of grid-scale energy storage systems with a rich library of operation logics, integration with connected hardware such as safety equipment and renewable energy generation assets, and advanced asset monitoring capabilities.

The facility will include Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Quantum, a fully integrated, modular, and compact energy storage system. GridSolv Quantum offers the lowest lifecycle costs, fastest deployment times, highest quality control, and maximum flexibility. It is certified UL 9540 and UL 9540A compliant and fitted with advanced safety features.

The project is expected to become operational by fall 2024.

Learn more: Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation Technology

Media contact for more information on this release:

Katri Pehkonen
Communications Manager
Wärtsilä Energy
Mob: +358 50 591 6180

Image caption: Wärtsilä will supply an energy storage system to Tampa Electric Company’s solar energy portfolio. © Wärtsilä Corporation

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Wärtsilä Energy in brief
Wärtsilä Energy leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future. We help our partners to accelerate their decarbonisation journeys through our market-leading technologies and power system modelling expertise. These cover decarbonisation services, future-fuel enabled balancing power plants, hybrid solutions, energy storage and optimisation technology, including the GEMS Digital Energy Platform. Wärtsilä Energy’s lifecycle services are designed to increase efficiency, promote reliability, and guarantee operational performance. Our track record comprises 76 GW of power plant capacity and 115 energy storage systems delivered to 180 countries around the world.

Wärtsilä in brief
Wärtsilä is a global leader in innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. We emphasise innovation in sustainable technology and services to help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance. Our dedicated and passionate team of 17,500 professionals in more than 240 locations in 79 countries shape the decarbonisation transformation of our industries across the globe. In 2022, Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled EUR 5.8 billion. Wärtsilä is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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