Wärtsilä Navi-Sailor ECDIS

The world’s most recognizable ECDIS for utmost safety.


Wärtsilä has developed a holistic approach to navigation, to turn your ECDIS into data-handling and decision-support tool.

Wärtsilä Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS comes with Navi-Planner software and includes our latest, future proof solution with dedicated and certified hardware. Both, software, and hardware are developed to easily go connected and bring the ECDIS to the next level of a full Fleet Operation System.

ln dual configuration, the ECDIS is suitable for paperless navigation according to IMO/SOLAS regulation. Use the advantages of its digital tools to prepare a complete automated voyage plan!

Key benefits

  • Key choice for most deck officers and mariners
  • Compliant with latest IMO regulations for ECDIS
  • Navi-Sailor’s supreme software combined with high performance hardware
  • Truly worldwide service and spare part network
  • Available training around the world and online
  • All Accessories for the installation are included
  • Ready to upgrade to Fleet Operation System
  • Allows safe and efficient navigation
  • Intuitive and advanced route planning
  • Ready for chart and data packages
  • Connectivity + Cyber security

Key features

  • Navi-Planner Voyage Planning Tool
  • TADS regular updates and admiralty Digital Publications
  • Intuitive and advanced route planning
  • Real time monitoring
  • NAVTEX integration
  • Remote support 24/7 chart and service support with a complete history of records and remote diagnostic option


Your new Wärtsilä ECDIS is the first step towards a complete Fleet Operation System.
We can prepare your ECDIS for the future – it is your choice when you will take the step!


Additional information

Wärtsilä TADS

Wärtsilä TADS brings official chart data to your ECDIS

Wärtsilä TADS


TADS developed by Wärtsilä Voyage in partnership with the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), delivers global chart coverage in the special converted format called SENC (Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS only) or standard ENC format (to all other ECDIS users) with a range of carefully considered additional data services.


Official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) data is the only format approved for use in an ECDIS system. It plays a huge role in the reliability and accuracy of your navigation system, so receiving chart data from your ECDIS manufacturer means you benefit in terms of both operation and support, save time and increase safety.


We perform the ENC to SENC conversion before sending the chart data to the vessel. This allows Wärtsilä to test and validate the data as well as relieve the onboard personnel from the time‑consuming conversion to SENC.


All nautical charts, publications, and services directly into your ECDIS:

  • Services for other brands of ECDIS
  • Wärtsilä Voyage (Navi-Sailor 4000) SENC chart service
  • Navi-Reader (Digital Publications, IMO, IHO, OCIMF, TSO, ITU, WHO)
  • Admiralty Digital Publications
  • Weather Services
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners)
  • Raster Chart Service
  • Port Data
  • MARPOL Overlay


Premium Pack

  • Tides & Currents, Maps (User Charts). Playback (option pack 1)
  • AIS messaging and MKD functions (option pack 2)
  • Advanced Planning
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) Charts
  • Add Info Tracks


Premium Plus Pack

  • All functions from Premium Pack
  • Precise Navigation Tools – Trial Manoeuvring/ Predictor/ Route Rendezvous / Curved Heading Line
  • Precise Nav Tools – Trail Manoeuvring/Predictor/Route RDV/CHL
  • Navi-Conning basic SW for MFD
  • Navi Radar basic SW for MFD
  • Other optional features:
    • Radar overlay functionality
    • Electronic Logbook functionality as specified in IMO Res. A.916(22)
    • BNWAS 5000
    • Track Control System software module

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