at Wärtsilä in South Africa

Energy Solutions

Wärtsilä is a leading supplier of modern, environmentally advanced, highly efficient, and dynamic power plants that allow the maximum integration of intermittent renewable power generation. We offer multi-fuel solutions for power generation markets, from baseload generation to peaking and load following, as well as dynamic system balancing and ultra-fast grid reserve for current and future capacity markets. Our fast track deliveries of complete power plants, together with long-term operation and maintenance agreements, offer our customers flexible capacity in both urban areas and the most demanding remote environments.

Wärtsilä is also active in a number of public forums including the South African Independent Power Producers Association (SAIPPA) and the South African Grid Code Advisory Committee.
Wärtsilä has two recent success stories in Southern Africa, namely, the ‘Sasol Gas Engine Power Project’ in South Africa and the ‘Centro Termica de Ressano Garcia’ (CTRG) in Mozambique. Both plants generate 175MW each from natural gas using 18x20V34SG engines.

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