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Wärtsilä Survival Craft Simulator

Cutting-edge simulation based on the fifth generation NTPRO 5000 Navigational Simulation Platform that is easy-to-install and prepares for all survival craft training requirements.


Our Survival Craft Simulation (SCS) uses advanced technology to provide a comprehensive range of exercises and training scenarios to help trainees learn and demonstrate competence in survival craft simulation tasks, as mandated by regulations.

Using a simulator setup with a classroom and a part-task bridge, training centres can provide students with the needed training hours to learn the procedures and then assess their proficiency on the part-task or the full mission bridge. This increases training efficiency while minimising accident risks. Also, a simulation classroom means no need for heavy equipment and less downtime and maintenance costs.

Key benefits

  • Reliable and predictable: simulation reduces training downtime due to equipment issues related to an actual lifeboat and lifeboat davit. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to a real-life lifeboat setup.
  • Cost-efficient: simulation incurs a lower annual cost than training in the real world with an actual equipment set-up, which needs a significant amount of maintenance.
  • Safer: The simulator offers a practising one’s skills in a safer training environment (both onshore and onboard) rather than equipment, which has caused many accidents in the past.
  • Easy and efficient: a simulator eliminates the time-consuming preparations needed for training when using a real lifeboat and lifeboat davit. It also does not require a waterfront location.
  • Comprehensive training and exercises: a classroom setup allows multiple trainees to learn the procedures individually and prepare for assessment on a part-task or full mission bridge.
  • Automated assessments: The simulator offers automatic objective assessment, trainee performance reports and logging of all events and trainee actions.

Key features

  • The simulation functionalities train students for:
    • Preparing survival craft.
    • Launching and boarding survival craft.
    • Manoeuvring survival craft to clear ship and return to falls.
    • Recovering and stowing survival craft.
  • Compliance: The solution is compliant with the STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft Training, mandatory for all officers aboard SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) vessels.
  • Keeps records of usage: The simulator enables operational data collection of usage of the simulator.
  • Easy to incorporate into an existing simulator system, such as NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) classroom, part-task bridge, or full mission bridge through a software update. Alternatively, it can be installed as a new standalone simulator system.
Additional Information

Wärtsilä Survival Craft Simulator can be incorporated into an existing simulator system, such as NTPRO classroom, part-task bridge, or full mission bridge through a software update. Alternatively, it can be installed as a new standalone simulator system.

  • Classroom:
    • 2-screen classroom simulator per student bridge as an initial model, such as a common navigation laboratory.
    • The classroom is intended to train for the involved procedures, which is assessed at a later stage in the part-task or full mission bridge.
  • Part-task solution:
    • A typical part-task simulator with three visual channels.
    • The conning and controls for boat handling and release gear are mounted in a lifeboat operator console to increase the physical realism.
    • This configuration is intended for both training and assessment.
  • Full mission solution
  • The full mission solution includes the newly developed lifeboat operation tasks on Interactive Bridge Information displays (IBID) and similar hardware to the part-task solution. This configuration is intended for both training and assessment.
    • Extensive use of the IBID’s on the simulator.
    • Steering, hook release and brake handles included as dedicated hardware to be used.


Wärtsilä Survival Craft Simulator solutions meet the stated requirements to be compliant with the STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft Training, mandatory for all officers aboard SOLAS vessels.


IMO (International Maritime Organization) has accepted that simulators may be used to replace the infrastructure of a usual ‘hands-on’ approach, with students undertaking theoretical classes, accompanied by contact with an actual lifeboat, davits, and equipment, so long as trainees can continue to demonstrate accomplishment of the competencies detailed in STCW (Standards of Training Certification of Watchkeepers) tables referring to this training. Survival craft competencies of STCW are described in tables A-VI/2 -1, and the course requirements in part A of the same convention. STCW 2010 (Manila Amendments) requires re-certifications for all mariners every five years.



The training also refers to SOLAS and LSA (Land and Sea Academy) Code requirements for Safety of Life and equipment characteristics requirements.



Flag States may add to or modify Survival Craft Training requirements locally, considering that STCW is the minimum training and competence level to be applied. The Survival Craft Simulator is certified by DNVGL (DNV GL) and ClassNK.

Training package

The primary purpose of including the training material package is to provide you with a quick and safe path to start using the simulator investments and get an immediate return on your investments. The package includes:

  • General description of requirements and objectives.
  • Typical PCS (Propulsion Control Systems) course and SCS proficiency module outline.
  • Typical PCS course and SCS proficiency module schedule.
  • Detailed teaching syllabus of SCS training package.
  • Learning objectives of SCS training package.
  • Instructor manual with:
    • Lesson plans
    • Guidance for SCS Lesson Plans and Assessments.
  • Evaluation and Assessment of SCS proficiencies include:
    • Proficiency assessment criteria.
    • Application of e-Tutor for assessment.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ course.

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