Power plant re-powering

Wärtsilä Power plant re-powering

As power plant technology advances and local energy markets evolve, a plant’s power generation equipment can become obsolete or less competitive over time. If the existing plant is conveniently located and connected to the local grid, Wärtsilä Power plant repowering is a fast-track and highly cost-effective investment.

The solution introduces new equipment to help a plant meet market demands while extending its lifecycle and increasing revenue by improving efficiency, reliability and availability.

Wärtsilä Power plant re-powering

Wärtsilä Power plant re-powering

    • Extend the lifecycle of your power plant
    • Improve profitability by increasing reliability and availability
    • Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs
    Technical info
    • A full site audit
    • Supply of Wärtsilä generating sets as needed to fulfill the plant’s power and fuel demands, along with any balance of plan equipment required
    • Includes also project management, equipment and heavy-lifting logistics, installation, commissioning and performance tests
    • We also offer long-term service agreements and support with securing financing for the project as options

    The Wärtsilä Power plant re-powering is a suitable solution for any power plant, where the latest engine technology and performance would help improve the profitability.

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