Wärtsilä Operator interface upgrades

Wärtsilä Operator interface upgrades is a HMI upgrade solution for Wärtsilä power plants. The most advanced solution available is sWOIS, server Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System, which is an intelligent system monitoring your power plant’s essential data. It unifies plant monitoring, control, reporting and advanced services in one common server platform.

    Technical info
    sWOIS features:
    • Server client architecture
    • Virtualisation technology
    • Flexible device integrations
    • Long term process data storage
    • Secured remote monitoring
    • Malware prevention
    • Segmentation
    • Prolonged life cycle of your HMI system
    • Improved cyber security
    • Increased system flexibility, e.g. by allowing remote monitoring
    • Increased reliability due to its industrial-grade hardware and operating system 
    • Enabled advanced services
    sWOIS is available for all power plants with an existing Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System (WOIS)

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