Wärtsilä Operator interface system

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sWOIS - Wärtsilä Operator interface system

A smarter way to operate your power plant

The rapid development of computer hardware and operating systems creates obsolescence and availability challenges for power plant operators. In addition, increasing amount of cyber threats is a growing issue. By utilising a virtualised sWOIS built on server hardware and implementing cyber security controls, you can prolong the lifecycle of your HMI systems and mitigate cyber security threats.

Why update your old WOIS/WISE systems?
As power plants age and the control system becomes obsolete, upgrading your control systems to modern modular systems can help improve availability and performance, extend the plant lifecycle and ensure better support. Modern systems improve flexibility by enabling the sharing of process data for remote monitoring and analysis. Up-to-date control systems also help ensure that you can follow grid requirements.

sWOIS - Wärtsilä Operator Interface System


    Wärtsilä sWOIS monitors and controls your power production, power distribution and other power plant assets in real time to ensure optimal and reliable operations. The solution offers secure remote connections for viewing plant data, and also gathers and stores process data to create analyses such as trends and reports. Wärtsilä sWOIS follows IEC 62443 and NERC CIP cyber security standards and supports asset diagnostic, system logging and vulnerability management services.



    • Ensure a longer lifecycle and better supportability for your system
    • View availability instantly, with reliable backup handling and fast recovery
    • Monitor power plant operations remotely
    • Analyse process data effortlessly
    • Protection against cyber threats


    sWOIS is designed for power plants supplied by Wärtsilä. This enables us to guarantee that the solution fits your exact needs and can bring you real value.

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