Wärtsilä Flexicycle upgrade

Wärtsilä Flexicycle upgrade

Wärtsilä’s Flexicycle upgrade solution maximises the efficiency and minimises the environmental footprint of existing simple-cycle power plants. The solution is combines the benefits of a simple-cycle plant with the efficiency of a combined-cycle plant based on reciprocating engines and steam turbine generators.  

The upgrade improves power plant efficiency by up to 10% by producing additional electricity using waste energy from exhaust gas.

    Technical info

    All engines are equipped with separate waste heat recovery steam generators, which are connected to common steam turbine generator sets. The upgrade enables plants that generate large amounts of waste heat to achieve very high power efficiency while reducing the emissions per MWe produced.

    The scope covers the design, engineering and delivery of all main equipment, including the heat recovery boiler, steam turbine and cooling system. Prior to work beginning Wärtsilä experts will carry out surveys and feasibility studies to ensure the maximum efficiency of the upgrade.

    • Increase power plant efficiency by up to 10% without increasing fuel costs
    • Reduce plant environmental footprint by reusing waste energy from exhaust gas
    • Ensure reliable performance and focus on your core business with Wärtsilä Lifecycle Solutions service agreement
    Wärtsilä Flexicycle upgrade is especially useful in process industries that produce large amounts of waste energy, as well as base load power plants with Wärtsilä engines where high electrical efficiency is required.

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