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Wärtsilä AmmoniaPac – safe handling of the fuel

Wärtsilä AmmoniaPac is a complete fuel supply system for ammonia-fuelled ships, including

  • bunkering station skids
  • storage tanks
  • main process equipment.

The control and monitoring system safely bunkers and stores the liquid ammonia and provides stable and reliable gas flow to the engines. As an important addition to the AmmoniaPac, the Wärtsilä Ammonia Release Mitigation System (WARMS) prevents ammonia release from the process system.

AmmoniaPac overview

Key benefits

  • Fully automated system that can be configured for both refrigerated or fully pressurized ammonia using Type-C single shell tanks
  • Ammonia emissions from normal operations are eliminated
  • Integration with Wärtsilä ammonia engines maximising safety in the engine room and fuel handling spaces
  • Tailored and vessel optimised designs meet both operational and regulatory needs

Wärtsilä AmmoniaPac in brief

  • Based on the highly successful LNGPac design, and carefully designed to comply with the evolving Class rules for Ammonia
  • Fully compatible with Wärtsilä 25 ammonia engine, and able to adapt to future requirements on fuel supply
  • Can be safely located above or below deck thanks to integrated airlock and double manhole enclosure
  • Available with single lobe and bi-lobe tank designs and optimized TCS arrangements to deliver best possible space utilization onboard
  • Pump based gas delivery system with high level of automation for safe and easy operation
  • Worry free tank BOG management with unlimited holding time can be achieved with the subcooler unit

Adopting ammonia as marine fuel

Green ammonia helps you fast-forward to net zero. By adopting green ammonia you can immediately reduce your vessel’s carbon foot print by around 70 %. Sulphur and particulate emissions are also zero when ammonia is combusted.

Learn more about ammonia as marine fuel

Wärtsilä 25 Ammonia engine

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