Exhaust treatment lifecycle services
Championing EGCS lifecycle services for safe and efficient shipping

For regulatory compliance and optimal performance from your exhaust gas cleaning systems, Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment combines its expertise, global presence and hands-on support in its lifecycle services offering.


Championing EGCS lifecycle services for safe and efficient shipping


Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) offer a means of compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s 2020 Global Sulphur Cap (IMO 2020) by reducing sulphur (SOx) emissions, as well as opening the door to tackle other pollutants as more stringent rules are set in future to reduce shipping’s global Greenhouse Gas emissions.

As an important tool in the decarbonisation toolkit and long-term investment, it is important to look after your vessel’s exhaust gas abatement technology.

That is why Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment Lifecycle Services ensures your exhaust treatment systems continue to operate in the safest, most efficient and compliant way.

Our technology is designed as a lifecycle solution with modular functionality, and will be supported across the entire lifespan of an installation with updates and upgrades in line with customer and industry demands.

Supporting you and your crew

Running a successful services programme requires working in close collaboration with partners who have the knowledge of lifecycle services and technical expertise of exhaust gas abatement technology.

As part of our leading lifecycle services offering, ship owners and operators have 24/7 contact with our experts and access to EGCS upgrades, spare parts and field services.

Our agile, problem-solving team, led by Kai Ronny Redalen, will join you onboard your ship wherever you are in the world to provide expert advice, analysis and troubleshooting to maximise the efficiency of your EGCS.

“With hands-on support from our technical experts, we support your crew by minimising downtime and workload, as well as ensuring effortless and predictable maintenance.

‘An experienced team creates peace of mind for our customers by reducing risk, maximising operational efficiencies, and ensuring compliance with your exhaust gas abatement technologies.” - Kai Ronny Redalen - General Manager, Lifecycle Services for Exhaust Treatment.

Quality spare parts whenever, wherever

To support the lifecycle of your EGCS, we offer the best quality spare parts, accessible worldwide and supported by an expert team.

Water monitoring (WM) systems form an essential part of EGCS, and ensure you achieve compliance with MARPOL’s Annex VI regulations. As correct PAH measurement is a critical part of the water monitoring system, we offer upgrades of PAH sensors for all EGC systems.

Our new Titanium PAH is a more robust solution compared to existing sensors, and we recently doubled the lifetime on our PAH sensors. These sensors now only require a factory calibration every four years.

To facilitate greater flexibility, we offer a sensor exchange programme whereby customers can return their old PAH and turbidity sensors for reconditioning while receiving new ones as part of the standard spare part warranty. This not only decreases maintenance cost and downtime, but ensures your crew and EGC systems are in safe hands.

With 24/7 contact, we offer a fast and cost-efficient delivery for original and spare parts, wherever your vessel is located.

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Scrubber services needed – Contact Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment offers a superior package of equipment-specific annual maintenance and calibration for Continuous Emission Monitoring System and Water Monitoring systems. We have the capabilities to serve different types of monitoring equipment on installations equipped with scrubbers.

Our certified engineers can perform the necessary calibration and maintenance services at all ports around the world, at a fixed service price.

Step up to our superior EGCS service and discuss the best solutions for your vessels – contact our Lifecycle Services team today.