Merchant references

WSD80 Marlin Blue

The MARLIN series has been developed in close co-operation with Graig and the DNV classification society. The design offers cutting edge features for container vessels.

The MARLIN series delivers approximately 30 percent improved fuel efficiency per TEU carried, improved capacity and slow steaming potential, better loading flexibility for different container types, including a high reefer intake, and lower emissions when compared to vessels currently in service.

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“This series responds to the industry’s needs. There is a gap in the container ship market for quality, fuel efficient, competitively-priced and environmentally-friendly feeder ships to service the ultra large container ships now being brought into service by the major lines. This advanced MARLIN family of designs will fill that gap, and we expect this order to be the first of several series of larger capacity future-proof vessels, backed by the strength of the MARLIN consortia.”

Hugh Williams, CEO, Graig.

The MARLIN series is a major leap forward for the container feeder section. The design marks a new era in the container industry’s standard for environmentally sustainable, competitively priced and fuel efficient feeder vessels,”

Riku-Pekka Hägg, Vice President, Wärtsilä Ship Design.


  • Forward accommodation for highest TEU intake (visibility)
  • Inherent crew comfort by segregation of deckhouse and engines/propeller
  • Fully non-sequential pontoon hatch cover operation
  • Mix stowage in holds of 3 tiers HC and 3 tiers std. TEU
  • Optimum crane arrangement (optional) for fast loading/unloading in ports
  • Optimised hull lines for highest efficiency and lowest accelerations
  • Equipment for cargo:3 x el.-hydr. deck cranes SWL 45 t

The MARLIN 2000 Blue design is intentionally targeted towards the current needs of the high growth intra-Asia trade routes, and there is demand for a series of these vessels. There are two further MARLIN concept designs, which will become more attractive to charterers as air emission standards tighten and bunker costs rise.

The MARLIN 2500 Jade design is slightly larger and diesel powered, but is delivered with either scrubber or SCR emissions reduction technology, while offering similar fuel and efficiency gains.

Name WSD 80 - Marlin Blue WSD 80 - Marlin Jade
Type Container Carrier Container Carrier
Deadweight 21,760 t 28,715 t
Max TEU intake 2083 2610
Stability containers, 14t/TEU 1251 1820
Reefer plugs 485 -
Lenght 172.20 m 180.00 m
Breadth 27.50 m 30.20 m
Max speed at scantling draught 20 knots -
Design speed at 9.0 m - 18 knots
Fuel oil consumption at 18kn, on 9.0m 35,0 t/day 52,2 t/day