JOVO Group

JOVO Group is a large-scale integrated service provider focused on the gas industry in China. The company’s operations encompass the full industry chain including procurement, transportation, storage, logistics and distribution, and terminal services. To improve operational cost efficiency and maintenance scheduling flexibility, the company signed a five-year Lifecycle Agreement with Wärtsilä for its 74,130 cbm Energy Spirit LNG carrier. The agreement is the first of its kind between the two companies.

The agreement includes Wärtsilä Expert Insight, a predictive maintenance service that combines artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and advanced diagnostics with Wärtsilä’s OEM expertise. The service proactively identifies and highlights potential failures and early indications of equipment deterioration and conditions that cause equipment to run less efficiently.

Energy Spirit LNG carrier

JOVO Group also benefits from Wärtsilä’s Operational Support service, with a dedicated Wärtsilä expert in a Wärtsilä Expertise Centre providing round-the-clock support. The Data-driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning service will help JOVO Group reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and optimise the vessel’s maintenance intervals based on actual need and condition, enabling the time between overhauls (TBO) to be safely extended.

The five-year Lifecycle Agreement will:

  • Provide JOVO Group with exceptional maintenance flexibility
  • Enable the time between overhauls (TBO) to be safely optimised
  • Improve engine reliability and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime

This agreement will significantly reduce downtime, in particular unplanned maintenance requirements. This lifecycle support approach will improve long-term cost predictability and availability for JOVO Group by using data-driven maintenance to optimise efficiencies and allowing them to focus on their core business.

Henrik Wilhelms, Director, Agreement Sales, Wärtsilä Marine

We are constantly seeking to improve our operational efficiency, and this agreement with Wärtsilä will support us in this. It will allow us to plan dry-docking schedules more efficiently and to get remote maintenance support, which will help reduce our operating costs.

Mr. Yuan Lu, Rotating President & Head of LNG and Shipping JOVO Group

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