Wärtsilä Valves Remote Control System

Wärtsilä Valve Remote Control System (VRCS) interfaces with the IAS (Integrated Automation System), with Mimic Diagram and with Emergency Shut Down (ESD) System.
E-ACT-VCU technology has been developed for both Cruise and Mercantile Vessels. This technology is suitable for controlling electro-hydraulic actuated valves systems.
This innovative technology and many years of successful experience enable us to provide turnkey solutions.

    Key Benefits
    • Redundant power supply
    • Redundant digital communication with the IAS
    • Hot-swappable cards
    • Compatible with any IAS
    • Easy configuration and maintenance
    • Self diagnostic
    • Cost effective
    • Full monitoring of valves and actuators
    • All data available to the automation system
    • Distributed architecture over main fire zones (MVZ)
    Key Elements

    E-ACT-MB Motherboard 

    E-ACT-MB Motherboard can hold up to 8 E-ACT-VCU cards, thus controlling up to 8 valves.
    Each E-ACT-MB is equipped with following connections: redundant power Supply 24Vdc, redundant communication bus RS 485 and 230Vac power supply for E-ACT power.

    E-ACT-VCU digital valve control cards

    Each E-ACT-VCU card controls one single valve and its feedbacks and interconnects with the IAS via communication cards or, optionally, directly through a Hardwire Interface.

    A number of LEDs on the Front Panel and others visible sideways, report the operating status of the card.

    Every card can be controlled locally via 3 simple push-buttons.

    • Local/Remote push-button - Is used for set in control the E-ACT-VCU. This push-button enables Close and Open push-buttons.
    • Close push-button - Is used for a full close command on E-ACT-VCU (if local/remote led is lit)
    • Open push-button - Is used for a full open command on E-ACT-VCU (if local/remote led is lit)


    The SMART-PMD is a portable device, for maintenance purposes only, developed to operate during maintenance on WAPSS systems without cables connections.
    The SMART-PMD will connect wireless to VRCS cabinets under bulkhead deck, and can control all valves in cabinets installed in the same MVZ.

    Figure - Detailed Valve Page
    Data Available

    Alarm List:

    • Two feedbacks
    • E-ACT Failure
    • Calibration Failure
    • No feedback
    • Closing fly-time
    • Opening fly-time
    • Feedback lost
    • Feedback over 100%
    • Feedback under 0%


    • 230 VAC missing
    • 24 VDC Main missing
    • 24 VDC Backup missing
    • ESD loop failure
    • Valve locked
    • DataBase Error
    • Program CRC error
    • ESD disabled

    Warning List:

    • Too many repositionings
    • Two commands from mimic
    • Two commands from ESD
    Technical Details

    Power Supply: Redundant 18-32 Vdc

    Consumption: 5 W

    Operating Temperature: 0-70 °C

    Serial Interface: Redundant RS485

    Digital output (Hardware Interface): Free Contact 150 mA 250 V

    Approvals: Marine Application

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