Wärtsilä employee in front of a digital map
White paper
18 pages
White paper: How a service agreement could give your maritime business a competitive edge
A win-win approach will boost your competitiveness in...
Wärtsilä service employee during work
White paper
18 pages
White paper: Ship maintenance: 5 strong reasons why you really need to plan it
Learn why you really need to plan maintenance so you can keep your...
Monitor with fleet optimsation solution
White paper
14 pages
White paper: Four brilliant ways to save money with voyage optimisation
Learn how optimising your voyages can help you cut costs – and gain some...
Container ships in the port
White paper
40 pages
Report: Sustainable fuels for shipping by 2050 – the 3 key elements of success
A report on future fuels in the marine industry reveals the key...
Container ship on sea
White paper
5 pages
eGuide: Make your marine fuel conversion a success
Five important things to take into account with a marine fuel conversion.
Wärtsilä employees from service
White paper
12 pages
White paper: Why genuine spare parts are the best choice for your vessel – 5+1 great reasons
Learn how genuine, high-quality original equipment...
50 great ways for the marine industry to reduce GHG emissions – Wärtsilä eBook
White paper
23 pages
eBook: 50 great ways the maritime industry could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
Your go-to guide when looking for inspiration on how to cut the...
side view cruise vessel
White paper
18 pages
White paper: 4 clear examples - proof that methanol could really work for your vessel
Discover four real-life examples – one each from the cruise,...
Container ship in harbour
White paper
16 pages
White paper: Discover the real CII status of your vessels - and how to improve it
How to discover the real CII status of your vessels? How to plan...