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We appreciate your interest in Wärtsilä solutions. Please have a look at the material provided below. These are suggestions and recommendations from us. We hope that this can be the basis for further discussions and eventually a proposal for you.

This is how a power plant could look based on your selections

  • Power plant visualisation

Here is a visualisation of a power plant that is of similar size as you selected (click on the image to view full screen). When we deepen our discussions we can provide a layout visualisation that is according to the exact specifications of your power plant project.

Suggested range of engines

Suggested range of engines

Based on your selections we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our range of dual-fuel engines. Once we have a deeper understanding of your power plant needs we can further define which specific engine model is most suitable for your power plant project.

The main products in our dual-fuel engine range are presented here: 

Wärtsilä 34DF engine - reliable and flexible multi-fuel operation combined with high efficiency over the whole load range and in any operating profile makes this plant excellent for both flexible baseload and peak load, and supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services like up– and down– regulation.

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Wärtsilä 50DF engine - multi-fuel operation with high efficiency combined with high reliability and flexibility makes this solution perfect for flexible baseload applications including daily starts and stops, also providing ancillary services like regulation up&down.

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Customer references

Wärtsilä and Grupo Puntacana - Dominican Republic

A long-lasting partnership that adds real value

Grupo Puntacana is a leading brand in the tourism industry, providing a wide range of services designed to attract visitors and support development in the Punta Cana region of the Dominican Republic – with a 97% customer satisfaction rating. In order to sustain this high level of satisfaction while fulfilling their vision to develop unique destinations, top-notch quality and service are key.

In 2004, when Grupo Puntacana needed to ensure a reliable power supply to the newly developed area, they turned to Wärtsilä for help. Wärtsilä provided an engine cogeneration power plant and took over responsibility for operation and maintenance (O&M). In the years since, Wärtsilä has maintained 99.6-99.9% engine reliability while also installing two more engines and continually deepening the partnership to meet Grupo Puntacana’s changing needs.

Grupo Puntacana’s assets include the Punta Cana International Airport, which receives around eight million visitors annually from 100 cities around the world and connects 28 countries, making it one of the most accessible destinations in the Caribbean. Their resort covers 26 square miles and includes luxury hotels such as the Four Points by Sheraton Puntacana Village, the Westin Puntacana Resort & Club and Tortuga Bay, the latter being the only hotel in the Dominican Republic to receive the Five Diamond rating from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

The company is also distinguished by having the only Six Senses Spa in the Caribbean, the Oscar de la Renta Tennis Center, the Grupo Puntacana Foundation, eight residential communities, more than 14 restaurants and bars, Galerias Puntacana and BlueMall Puntacana shopping centres and world class golf courses offering a total of 45 holes. Grupo Puntacana’s operations are ISO certified and must take into account environmental and social requirements.

Grupo Puntacana and Wärtsilä entered into a partnership for an operation and maintenance solution where they work towards shared productivity and profitability goals. The aim is to maximise the productive lifetime of the power plant and the return on investment. The solution is tailored to Grupo Puntacana’s unique needs and includes performance and lifecycle cost guarantees – originally covering just availability, but now additionally including heat rate and response time in case of disruption. Wärtsilä needs to ensure a competitive price for power produced at the plant, as the customer also purchases energy from a local utility.
Continually meeting the customer’s needs

Grupo Puntacana and Wärtsilä’s partnership has been ongoing for 15 years now. As the customer’s needs have evolved, including receiving ISO quality certification and strengthening environmental and safety standards, the O&M agreement has also been regularly amended – ensuring that Wärtsilä can serve Grupo Puntacana to the highest standard.

Wärtsilä and Grupo Puntacana personnel work closely on a regular basis to ensure that all needs are communicated, understood and solved in the best way possible, including yearly audits. In addition to O&M, Wärtsilä has undertaken several improvements, including extending the power plant with two additional engines and optimising the engines for different fuels to improve efficiency. This long-term cooperation is set to continue, with a gas conversion being proposed as part of a larger trend to move from using oil to natural gas.

Antonio Martorell, Director of Water and Energy at Grupo Puntacana, said: "Having the partnership with Wärtsilä to fulfil our energy needs for the past 15 years has been an exceptional experience, because we know that we’ll always receive a reliable power supply backed by outstanding service. This allows us to focus on providing the best possible facilities for our customers with the reassurance that this important aspect is being taken care of to a high standard".

    • Ensure reliable and competitive power supply for a variety of critical assets including an airport, resort and commercial businesses.

    • Wärtsilä has taken full responsibility for operation and maintenance, as well as undertaking a series of improvements in line with quality and environmental requirements.

    • During our 15-year partnership, the customer has been able to focus on their core responsibilities and expand the services they offer.

    More about flexible engine-technology

    More about flexible engine-technology

    The gas and multi-fuel brochure gives you deeper insights into how a gas power plant works.

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    Wärtsilä EPC know-how available for you!

    Wärtsilä EPC know-how

    Wärtsilä’s wide range of project service options offer an unbeatable advantage to any power plant project. With 30 years of experience from projects in more than 90 countries, we can prove that our project management, engineering, procurement, installation and construction, logistics and commissioning services are of the highest quality and lowest risk.

    Read more about project services

    Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

    Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

    An operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä means entering into a partnership, agreeing on and working towards shared productivity and profitability goals for your company.

    Customer benefits:

  • Wärtsilä responsible for operation & maintenance
  • Lifecycle cost guarantee
  • Risk management
  • Optimised operation and ensured performance
  • Maximised productive lifetime of the installation
  • Maximised return on investment
  • Latest information on product development and technical upgrades
  • Read more about our operations and maintenance services

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