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We appreciate your interest in Wärtsilä solutions. Based on your selections we have collected relevant information and material on this page.

We appreciate your interest in Wärtsilä's solutions. Please have a look at the material provided below. These are suggestions and recommendations from us. We hope that this can be the basis for further discussions and eventually a proposal for you.

This is how a power plant could look based on your selections

Power plant visualisation

Here is a visualisation of a power plant that is of similar size as you selected (click on the image to view full screen). When we deepen our discussions we can provide a layout visualisation that is according to the exact specifications of your power plant project.

Suggested range of engines

Suggested range of engines

Based on your selections we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our range of dual-fuel engines. Once we have a deeper understanding of your power plant needs we can further define which specific engine model is most suitable for your power plant project.

The main products in our dual-fuel engine range are presented here:

Wärtsilä 34DF engine - reliable and flexible multi-fuel operation combined with high efficiency over the whole load range and in any operating profile makes this plant excellent for both flexible baseload and peak load, and supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services like up– and down– regulation.

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Wärtsilä 50DF engine - multi-fuel operation with high efficiency combined with high reliability and flexibility makes this solution perfect for flexible baseload applications including daily starts and stops, also providing ancillary services like regulation up & down.

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Customer references

Cartones Ponderosa, Mexico

Reducing costs and emissions for Cartones Ponderosa

Cartones Ponderosa S.A. de C.V. is located in San Juan del Rio, Mexico and produces more than 50% of the total recycled coated board made in the country. The mill began production in 1979 with a total capacity of 66,000 tons per year. Over the last 40 years, Cartones Ponderosa has increased its total production capacity to 220,000 tons per year by continuously investing in rebuilding its boxboard machine, building a new electric plant to supply the mill’s needs, and increasing the board machine speed – making Cartones Ponderosa one of the most productive and efficient mills in Mexico.

Cartones Ponderosa S.A. de C.V. is a leading producer of coated cardboard in Mexico. In order to enable a switch from heavy fuel oil to cleaner burning and cheaper natural gas, Wärtsilä converted three engines as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project. The conversion has not only reduced the cost of electricity produced by approximately 50%, it has also reduced emissions. 

A more efficient energy supply 

With the old set up of engines running heavy fuel oil (HFO), the primary method for supplying energy to the paper mill was to buy from the grid, and use the engines as needed. However, the fluctuation in grid prices and the higher price of HFO compared to natural gas were a key driver for the customer to undertake the gas conversion projects. The fact that a natural gas pipeline was constructed near the plant also helped to make the economic case for conversion.

Lower costs and emissions, new opportunities

The conversion was carried out in two phases. The first phase converted two of the plant’s Wärtsilä 18V34 engines from HFO to dual fuel (DF) operation and the second phase is converting the final engine to pure gas operation (SG). Since the conversion, Cartones Ponderosa now runs the engines continually to power the mill, and power is only bought from the grid as needed. Not only is natural gas about 60% cheaper than HFO, it also lowers emissions per kW/hour of power generated.

Mexico’s electricity markets were opened up in 2017, which means Cartones Ponderosa can also explore the possibility to sell surplus electricity to the grid, creating a new source of revenue in the process.  

A full EPC project with guaranteed performance

Wärtsilä carried out the gas conversions as a full EPC project, delivered in phases to suit the customer’s needs. Not only did this minimise hassle for the customer, it also meant Wärtsilä could offer guarantees and warranties. The conversion returned the engines to “as new” condition, meaning they started from zero running hours. The standard warranty on an engine after gas conversion is 12 months, with Wärtsilä also guaranteeing engine performance.

As part of the project, Wärtsilä used their feasibility tool for maximum transparency. Together with Cartones Ponderosa, all relevant parameters were entered into the tool – including local fuel prices, the cost of the conversion, and maintenance costs – to come up with a realistic payback time.

Thanks to the excellent results, the cooperation between Wärtsilä and Cartones Ponderosa is continuing with an ongoing gas conversion at another plant, to be completed in 2020. ”We're happy with the cooperation with Wärtsilä on this project. The performance upgrade will help us to reduce costs as well as emissions, and the process has been transparent,” says Francisco Javier González Pruneda, Cogeneration Manager, Cartones Ponderosa, S.A. de C.V.

    • The engines were running on heavy fuel oil (HFO), the primary method for supplying energy to the paper mill was to buy from the grid, and use the engines as needed.  

    • Wärtsilä converted three engines as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project, in order to enable a switch from heavy fuel oil to cleaner burning and cheaper natural gas.

    • The gas conversion has reduced the cost of electricity produced by approximately 50% and has also reduced emissions. 

    More about flexible engine technology

    More about flexible engine-technology

    Wärtsilä offers a wide range of flexible engine power plant solutions that can provide baseload availability or support an optimised transition to renewable energy.

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    Wärtsilä EPC know-how available for you!

    Wärtsilä EPC know-how

    Wärtsilä’s wide range of project service options offer an unbeatable advantage to any power plant project. With 30 years of experience from projects in more than 90 countries, we can prove that our project management, engineering, procurement, installation and construction, logistics and commissioning services are of the highest quality and lowest risk.

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    Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

    Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

    An operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä means entering into a partnership, agreeing on and working towards shared productivity and profitability goals for your company.

    Customer benefits:

    • Wärtsilä responsible for operation & maintenance
    • Lifecycle cost guarantee
    • Risk management
    • Optimised operation and ensured performance
    • Maximised productive lifetime of the installation
    • Maximised return on investment
    • Latest information on product development and technical upgrades

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