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It’s natural that the longer the relationship you have with somebody the better you know them. And the better you know somebody, the easier it is to spot when they may need a little extra TLC (tender loving care) to help keep them balanced.

The same goes for Wärtsilä and our power plant customers, who need to ensure the high efficiency, availability and reliability of their power generation. We provide the perfect combination of lifecycle services and technology to keep our customers’ power generation in balance and their bottom line healthy.

In the second of our balancing solutions videos, Mia Kärkinen from Lifecycle Services and Rasmus Teir from Technology took up the awkward seesaw challenge to talk about how we can help customers de-risk their investment in balancing solutions.

De-risk your investment in balancing solutions - Wärtsilä Balancing solutions

Guaranteed performance

Although it’s been many years since their playground days, both Mia and Rasmus took to the seesaw like ducks to water. “It’s just like riding a bike,” remarked Rasmus, obviously relieved that he still had what it takes.

Mia is first to be put on the spot, with Rasmus wasting no time in jumping (or bouncing) to business: “How can you help customers de-risk their investments in balancing solutions?” Mia is ready to fire back immediately: based on a deep understanding of our customer’s business, Wärtsilä can support availability and reliability targets and provide performance guarantees in our agreements.

We can customise performance guarantees with a predetermined outcome, as well as the service packages needed in order to deliver expected lifecycle value. Both remote and on-site support is available using data connectivity and digital technologies. The promise of guaranteed performance sure does help take the risk out of these weighty investment decisions.

Flexibility built on long-term relationships

“So far, so good,” thinks Rasmus, but he has another big question up his sleeve: “What if things change in my business or in the market?” Mia again takes the question in her stride. “That can happen, and we have seen big market changes over the last two years.” But thanks to the strength of Wärtsilä’s long-term relationships and expertise with the technology, we can help customers adjust to changing conditions and fine tune our services accordingly.

The immense shift in the energy landscape currently underway makes it difficult to predict changes when evaluating the business case for a balancing investment. However, as power plants have economic lifespans of two to three decades, you naturally want the kind of support and commitment that will help you meet your evolving goals and expectations over the long term.

Changes, either in the operating environment or your power plant’s operations, require an appropriate response in order to safeguard your business case and ensure competitiveness. Wärtsilä supports you in de-risking your investment with customised plans to help you meet your specific needs during the lifecycle of your plant. We’re here to support your efficient operations with optimised maintenance plans and tailored lifecycle solutions that provide the service you need to deliver the expected lifecycle value of your plant.

A good night’s sleep

“So I can just start it up and sleep like a baby?” asks Rasmus. Mia gently reminds Rasmus that he works for Wärtsilä and it’s the customer who should be sleeping peacefully. And Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions really do help our customers sleep well at night. In case any issues arise, 24/7 remote support is available from Wärtsilä Expertise centres around the world, which had 95% success rate at solving problems remotely in 2021.

Having a reliable partner who can ensure future-proof and flexible operations is good. But one that can also offer support that strikes the perfect balance between technology, software and service expertise and is capable of applying new technologies throughout the lifecycle of the plant is even better.

Rasmus Teir - Wärtsilä Balancing solutions

And with that, today’s throwback playground fun comes to an end as Mia and Rasmus seesaw off into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that our customers’ balancing investments will pay off.

Find out what the power of balance can do for your business – contact Wärtsilä to discuss more. 


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Mia Kärkinen - Wärtsilä Balancing solutions

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