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A reliable and affordable energy supply is essential in allowing you to focus on your core business. Renewable energy is becoming an integral part of powering mining operations because they help in lowering both costs and emissions.
Increased flexibility throughout the power system is vital if large amounts of wind and solar are to be introduced into the system. Flexibility ensures that fluctuations in both demand and supply can be handled in a cost effective manner.

Conventional power systems have always been based on ensuring sufficient generation capacity to meet peak demand. However, for power systems with a greater share of renewables, having sufficient built-in flexibility is the main requirement. Wärtsilä engine power plant and energy storage solutions provide the required flexibility to integrate renewables, ensure reliability and secure profitability.

Wärtsilä - Mining Power System

White paper: Mining power system for high altitude lithium mine

The choice of the power generation and electrical network architecture have a major impact on the total cost of mining power systems and the availability of an electrical power supply.

To optimise the power system’s total cost and its impact on availability, different options taking into consideration the effect of altitude, need to be evaluated.

This white paper by Wärtsilä and Schneider-Electric outlines recommendations for establishing an optimised flexible power generation and electrical network architecture, illustrated by a case study of a lithium mine located at high altitude.

LCOE ($/MWh, 2017 real)
United States

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Note: capacity factors: Tracking PV: 14%-30%, onshore wind: 29%-49%. Coal and gas plants capacity factors are a result of our NEO 2017 dispatch analysis. LCOEs are calculated on an unsubsidized basis. The offshore wind LCOE is a global forecast.

LCOE ($/MWh, 2017 real)

Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Note: capacity factors: PV: 12%-18%, onshore wind: 23%-32%. Coal and gas plants capacity factors are a result of our NEO 2017 dispatch analysis. LCOEs are unsubsidized. The LCOE for thermal plants in China includes the carbon pricing. The offshore wind LCOE is a global forecast.

Renewables will certainly play an integral role in powering mining operations because of the benefits they offer in terms of cost and sustainability. Economically it makes sense. The levelled cost of electricity (LCOE) is lower than ever, and renewables are becoming increasingly cost-effective.

Lifecycle services

Instead of having to think about power generation, would you rather simply focus only on the business at hand? With our comprehensive understanding of energy systems, including fully integrated assets & advanced software, and our offering of value adding lifecycle solutions, you can do just that.

Finding the best solution for your facility

We can provide you with an optimal energy mix of renewable energy and flexible capacity to minimise your energy costs and ensure reliable and safe operations. This transition can be handled with step-by-step investments utilising your existing assets. Ultimately, the solution giving the best LCOE is one that combines renewables, energy storage, engines, and lifecycle support. Using advanced in-house tools, we can evaluate and simulate alternatives to find the power and lifecycle solution that best suits your business case and operational needs. For optimising large mining fleets, we can utilise our country-scale power system modelling capabilities. With power systems in more than 50 countries modelled with PLEXOS power system optimisation software, we can find the optimum capacity mix via dispatch modelling that evaluates different possible future scenarios.

Ensuring reliable and cost efficient energy production is key. With our lifecycle solutions you get guaranteed operational reliability and efficiency, backed up by expert advice on optimising the operation and maintenance of your power system. Performance targets are agreed upon on measured data. The performance of your installations during the lifecycle can be optimised for example through upgrades, modernisations and fuel conversions. By partnering with us, you can feel secured and focus on your core business.

Focus on your core business

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Customer references

  • Fekola Mine, Mali
    Renewables plus energy storage become cost-competitive at an off-grid mine in Mali.

    Fekola Mine, Mali

  • SYAMA, Mali
    The first order of the new Wärtsilä modular block solution to Aggreko to power Resolute’s Syama gold mine in Mali.

    SYAMA, Mali

  • Essakane Solar SAS, Burkina Faso
    The Essakane gold mine in Burkina Faso receives its needed power from Africa’s largest engine-solar PV hybrid power plant delivered by Wärtsilä. Benefits for the mine include reduced fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The capability to control and optimise the usage of the solar PV power and engines enables the gold mine to reduce its fuel consumption by an estimated 6 million litres per year and its annual CO2 emissions by 18,500 tons.

    Essakane Solar SAS, Burkina Faso

  • Graciosa, Azores
    A hybrid storage solution integrates and optimises wind, solar, storage and thermal generation assets on the island of Graciosa.

    Graciosa, Azores

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