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IPP - Ensure worry-free plant ownership

We offer a single point of contact with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) responsibility and operation and maintenance capabilities to ensure on-time delivery and smooth operation of your IPP power plant. You get a solution that is tailored to your exact needs to ensure that you can fully leverage renewables and optimise revenue streams, ensuring worry-free project execution and plant ownership.

As an energy system integrator, Wärtsilä has a proven track record of designing, building and serving flexible power systems designed for your business use cases.

Our engine power plant solutions based on Smart Power Generation technology offer a unique combination of:

Fuel flexibility

  • Operation in any gaseous or liquid fuels, including biofuels
  • Improved fuel security by continuous choice of the most feasible fuel

Operational flexibility

  • Fast start to full load in less than 5 minutes regardless of plant size
  • Unlimited starting and stopping with no impact on maintenance

Energy efficiency

  • High baseload efficiency, regardless on ambient conditions
  • High plant efficiency over a wide load range due to the modular internal combustion engine design
Wärtsilä Energy - IPPs - Wartsila Kiisa engine hall

Lifecycle solutions for IPPs

With services for IPPs ranging from spare parts and basic support to lifecycle solutions for power plant operation and maintenance », we maximise the life and increase the availability of your power plant, while providing a lifecycle cost guarantee.

The performance of the installations is optimised through upgrades, modernisations, fuel conversions and safety solutions. As business models change, the need for asset management services is increased, which drives opportunities for using real time monitoring and analytics to optimise your business.

IPPs - Maintenance

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