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Integrated solutions for automation & power distribution

Our integrated electrical and automation offering for energy segment is built with an aim to maximise the quality, reliability and flexibility of power generation. We offer a wide range of automation applications from single device upgrades to improving the entire power plant operating principle relaying on our vast expertise of delivering and executing complete power plant solutions.

The changing operating conditions in the energy sector can mean that automation systems delivered just a decade ago may need upgrading. By modernising the automation system, the operations of your plant can be optimised, thus allowing business to proceed and prosper without interruption. E&A Services also include everyday service, maintenance and repairs of electrification and automation systems.


Solution modules

Wärtsilä intelligent plant upgrade includes six modules for meeting the different needs of your power plant operations. Wärtsilä intelligent plant upgrade is suitable for all existing power plants powered by Wärtsilä.

    Data management

    The data management module consists of an integrated reporting and archiving platform for plant management and long-term planning. The platform produces customised reports on production, technical performance and availability, enables remote data analysis and technical support.

    Data management

    Operator interfaces

    The operator interfaces module includes solutions related to the power plant's HMI user interface, from which the operator can collect and monitor data from external devices, provide event sequences, trending etc. Wärtsilä offers solutions ranging from operator terminals to virtualised, client-server based HMI solutions with remote monitoring capabilities.

    Operator interfaces


    The communication module maintains consistent communication with external systems enabling advanced services. The scope of offering ranges from building point-to-point connections between devices to establish communication between the power plants and grid control centres.


    Protection & safety

    The protection & safety module offers solutions to protect personnel, engines and electrical systems with seamless integration towards the control system. These solutions, such as protection relays, are designed to reduce and minimise unexpected errors and economic impact.

    Protection safety

    Control systems

    The control system module includes solutions related to the plant automation and engine control systems. The scope varies from single component upgrades to improving the entire plant operating principle. There are specific solutions for gas, multi-fuel and liquid fuel power plants.

    Control systems

    Power quality

    The power quality module includes solutions for improving the quality of the power produced by implementing accurate frequency and voltage control, or grid supporting functions.

    Power quality

    We are committed to support the complete range of electrical and automation systems throughout the installation lifecycle.

    Innovations to optimise your operations

    To keep your system functioning safely and reliably, Wärtsilä offers electrical and automation solutions that improve performance, extend the lifecycle, and minimise risk.

      Wärtsilä Control system upgrades

      Wärtsilä Control system upgrade for power plants updates the control system of a plant, prolonging it’s life cycle and ensuring supportability. The scope varies from single component upgrades to improving the plant’s entire operating principle and can be tailored based on your requirements. For instance the scope of an upgrade can include plant automation upgrade, control panel modernisation, plant operating principle modification.

      The Wärtsilä Control system upgrade improves control system reliability and flexibility, prolongs the life cycle of the plant control system, increases plant reliability and secures the availability of critical spares. Depending on the scope of supply, the upgrade also increases plant flexibility, for example enabling parallel operation of different engine automation systems.

      Wärtsilä Control system upgrades

      Wärtsilä Operator interface upgrades

      Wärtsilä Operator interface upgrades is a HMI upgrade solution for Wärtsilä power plants. The most advanced solution available is sWOIS, server Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System, which is an intelligent system monitoring your power plant’s essential data. It unifies plant monitoring, control, reporting and advanced services in one common server platform.

      The sWOIS prolongs the life cycle of your HMI system, improves cyber security and system flexibility for example by allowing remote monitoring. The system also increases reliability due to its industrial-grade hardware and operating system and enables advanced services such as long term process data storage. sWOIS is available for all power plants with an existing Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System (WOIS).

      Wärtsilä Operator interface upgrades


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