NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar
NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar

Transforming maritime safety and navigation


Welcome to the future of marine radar technology with the NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar. This next-generation radar system sets new standards in safety, reliability, and performance for vessels of all sizes. Harnessing advanced solid-state transceiver technology, the NACOS Platinum Radar ensures optimised target detection, enhanced target tracking, and seamless integration with existing navigation systems.

Key features

  • Advanced Solid State Technology: Say goodbye to traditional magnetrons. Our radar utilises a compact solid-state transceiver housed within the gearbox for unmatched reliability and low maintenance.
  • Superior Target Detection: Experience optimised target detection in all environmental conditions, thanks to advanced signal processing and adaptive pulse transmission.
  • Effortless Integration: The NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar seamlessly integrates with all NACOS Platinum Navigation Systems, offering a hassle-free upgrade path and minimal installation requirements.
  • Unrivalled Performance: Benefit from improved target tracking, independent signal processing, and first-class target presentation with our intelligent filter algorithms.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Enjoy reduced lifecycle costs and minimal maintenance requirements, without compromising on performance or safety.
Solid state radar diagram

Why Choose NACOS Platinum Radar?

"At ANCS, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of maritime technology to enhance safety and efficiency at sea," said Eberhard Maass, Head of Product Navigation. "The NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar represents a significant advancement in radar technology, offering our customers unprecedented levels of safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness."

Experience the Future Today

Upgrade your vessel with the NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar and embrace a new era of maritime navigation. Contact us for more information and availability.