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Eagle wave
‘An Oceanic Awakening’ and SEA20
herald a wake-up call to the potential of our Oceans in an era of unprecedented global change
Smart Energy Vision
Towards 100% renewable energy
Wärtsilä is leading the transition as the energy system integrator
Smart marine
Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle
power solutions for the marine and energy markets


How are ship emissions monitored?

Monitoring the 50,000 ships that are on the seas is no easy feat. Here's a look at how it's done.
19 August 2019
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Our purpose

Wärtsilä's purpose is enabling sustainable societies with smart technology. We shape our markets by generating transformative results through collaboration, partnerships, market insight and active engagement in ecosystems.

A sustainable energy revolution

Iceland boasts a 100% reliance on renewable energy. But it hasn’t always been that way. We take a look...
15 August 2019
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Simulating the future of maritime

Find out how assisted navigation and decision support systems via simulations are paving the way for...
12 August 2019
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China: The renewable energy superpower

China is changing its ‘Qi’ (vital energy) in favour of the environment and has emerged as the world’s...
7 August 2019
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Upcoming events


    03 - 05 September, 2019
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Baltexpo

    09 - 11 September, 2019
    Gdansk, Poland
  • NEVA

    17 - 20 September, 2019
    St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Gastech

    17 - 19 September, 2019
    Houston, TX 77054, USA

Recent events

Customer references

  • ALTEO group, Hungary
    Electric grids are evolving rapidly, disrupted by deregulation, distributed energy resources, renewable portfolio standards, and smart grid technologies. Energy storage is uniquely positioned at the heart of this transition. One of the lesser known, though quite significant, energy technologies focuses on optimising the current thermal energy generation infrastructure. Energy storage systems (ESS) have emerged as a viable upgrade to optimise generation performance for both renewable and traditional power sources and to help energy providers increase their revenue streams.

    ALTEO group, Hungary

  • Centrica, UK
    The rapid growth in renewable energy in the UK has increased the need for flexible power to balance the electricity grid. Wärtsilä has worked closely with energy and services company Centrica to provide the changing market with flexible energy, helping tackle the issues created by intermittent renewables and supporting the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

    Centrica, UK

  • Kiisa, Estonia
    Elering, the Estonian transmission system operator, is responsible for managing the Estonian electrical grid. A constant, real-time balance between supply and demand is an absolute must to keep the grid running and the power reaching customers without frequency deviations.

    Kiisa, Estonia

  • Maersk Drilling
    Nan Hai VI: Upgrading an obsolete power management system without interrupting operations.

    Maersk Drilling

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