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Wärtsilä Inland Operations Simulator

A realistic learning environment to support the training of inland vessel crew.


Based on NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) 5000, Wärtsilä Voyage solutions for Inland Waterways training provides users with an excellent tool for inland shipping training. The solution is based on regional requirements from the US and European Inland Waterways industry and governmental bodies. The solution provides a realistic learning environment to support the training of inland vessels’ crews.

Key benefits

  • Leverage 25 years of experience with NTPRO 5000’s advanced hydrodynamical modelling.
  • Get a vast library of ship and tug models, barges, and geographical training areas for European and US Inland Operators.
  • Specific features for lock operations and lock operator training, including hands-free mooring systems.

Key features

  • Height adjustable wheelhouse and blue board sign.
  • Full environmental conditions control.
  • Hardware configurations with approved inland specific bridge equipment, ensuring full CESNI compliance.
  • Hi-fidelity modelling of critical effects for ship-handling training and assessment.
  • Full mechanical interaction between models, objects, and structures.

Inland Waterways training


Inland waterway navigation presents several challenging situations, and thus, the more realistic the training, the more capable will be the crew. Take a look at how Wärtsilä Voyage's state-of-the-art Inland Operations Simulator leverages advanced hydrodynamical modelling based on regional requirements so that all such unique challenges can be realistically studied and prepared for.

Additional information

Available in classroom, part-task, and full mission bridge modes:



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