Port Management Information Systems (PMIS)

Digitalize the port processes to improve efficiency of operations


Port Management Information Systems are designed to facilitate the planning and management of port operations. The port industry is a competitive business and the implemention of a Port Management Information Systems can assist ports to gain a competitive advantage in terms of customer service, stakeholder engagement and overall operational efficiency.

Our Port Management Information Systems is an advanced, flexible solution that allows our customers and their stakeholders to exchange information in a timely manner, eliminate redundant data entry and enhance the supply chain efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Fully customized solution adapted for the port operations
  • Improving efficiency of port operations via digitalisation of port processes
  • Enhanced planning and resources management
  • Reporting and tracing of specific KPIs for every stakeholder

Key features

  • Completely web-based application which makes it easy to use across your organization and to extend access to authorized stakeholders.
  • Modular architecture so that each system only includes the modules that are required allowing the solution is cost-effective, yet, provide the option for expansion if/when needed.
  • Advanced platform that has interfaced with a wide range of 3rd party systems. This is typically handled through our comprehensive API, but legacy system integration is also possible.
  • Application meets Cyber-Security best practices and is compliant with NIST requirements. Standard cloud hosting platform is Microsoft Azure which is highly secured.
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