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Case Study: Lerwick VTMS

Due to its high volume of traffic, this principal commercial port for Shetland, UK at the crossroads of the North Sea and North-east Atlantic, needed the latest in VTS tech and was upgraded with the Wärtsilä Navi-Harbour technology.


Lerwick Harbour is Britain’s “Top Port” at the crossroads of the North Sea and North-east Atlantic. Lerwick Harbour is a deep-water port with two entrances, that is open to shipping in all weathers and operates around the clock, handling over 5,000 vessels annually.


The main operations room is located in the Albert Building in Lerwick Shetland. Radar, AIS, CCTV weather and tide sensors are located around the surrounding area of Lerwick, providing vessel tracking and information to the operators. VHF c omms is provided by a Jotron VHF system with 2 separate transmitters with full coverage of the approaches to Lerwick. A PMIS system is integrated into the system.

Product line and Services:

Lerwick VTS Control Room Albert Building, Lerwick

  • 2x VTS Operator workstations (main control room)
  • 1x VTS Operator workstation (Incident management)
  • CCTV operator station displaying 9 cameras
  • 1x Jotron RRC7700 VHF Dispatch Consoles
  • Denbridge (PMIS) Port Management system

Sensor Sites


  • AIS Receiver
  • BME 25KW Up-mast radar
  • Weather Sensor

Rova Head

  • AIS Receiver
  • BME 25KW Up-mast radar
  • Weather Sensor
  • Jotron VHF Transceiver (TR7750C) with 2x fixed channel recording


  • AIS Receiver
  • BME 25KW Up-mast radar
  • Weather Sensor
  • Jotron VHF Transceiver (TR7750C) with 2x fixed channel recording

CCTV Locations

  • Albert Building (x5)
  • Wire Store
  • Marina Ramp
  • Morrisons Dock
  • Leading Light


Since Wartsila’s involvement with the Lerwick Port Authority, VTMS operations have reached new levels of reliability and accuracy. User experience has been improved greatly from the previous system.

System upgrade is planned for 2021 to replace all the IT infrastructure with version 4.6, and radar processor upgrade using RPU5 interfaces. Wartsila continues to provide service and support to the Lerwick Port Authority with an annual maintenance contract including Remote System Support, Service Portal Access, Weekly system checks and Account Management.

We are a very strategic location for oil and gas production in the North Sea, handling many construction and supply vessels servicing existing and new fields. Keeping operations up and running during the pandemic has been of paramount importance.
Captain Alexander M. Simpson
Lerwick Harbour Master
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