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Most realistic, scalable, and cost-efficient ECDIS training solution that is fully compliant with the latest international regulatory requirements.


With the mandatory introduction of ECDIS for SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) vessels, ECDIS operation training becomes essential. And our simulator ensures efficient training, fully compliant with the latest IMO, IEC and STCW requirements and standards.


Wärtsilä ECDIS Simulator is based on the Navi-Sailor ECDIS Multifunction Display (MFD) 4000 with inbuilt Navi-Planner voyage planning software, both fully compliant with the latest performance standards for shipborne navigation equipment. It incorporates Chart Delivery Server Emulator for charts delivery, charts updates, and license updates in automatic mode, which is critical during ECDIS training. Other features include fictitious area database, new training chart folios and weather forecast.

Key benefits

  • Includes an array of functionalities to support comprehensive ECDIS training:
    • Multifunctional Display MFD 4000
    • Navi-Planner 4000 software
    • Radar overlay
    • Chart Delivery Server Emulator for charts delivery, charts updates and license updates in automatic mode
    • Dedicated generic area database
    • Training chart folios
    • Weather forecasts
    • Interfacing third party ECDIS
  • Compliant with the latest training standards: Designed as per the IMO, IEC and STCW requirements. Also, the features take into account the revised ECDIS standards and changes introduced by IEC and IHO in August 2015 and their impact on training requirements (see details in the ‘Training requirements’ section).
  • Highly realistic environment for a variety of ship models with actual professional equipment used by pilots worldwide. Therefore, the user can be trained on the operational use of ECDIS with all the functions of an actual onboard system.
  • Flexible and scalable: The solution can be supplied in various configurations, from a desktop version to a full mission bridge simulator with actual ship controls.
  • Customisable configuration: The configurations can be customised to suit individual or group simulator training needs and per the monitoring needs from the instructor station.
  • Supports both classroom and cloud-based remote training: As per the regulatory requirements, the ECDIS simulator operates in two configurations — ECDIS classroom for management-level training and cloud simulation for anytime, anywhere learning.

Key features

  • Includes all the latest and mandatory features for ECDIS compliant training:
    • ECDIS backup station
    • Use of official S-57 charts
    • Fictitious area
    • Instruments for route planning, work with licenses and chart updates
  • Marine Navigation Systems software (MNS 34) is integrated into the simulator to meet the latest IEC and IHO requirements.
  • Pilot PRO software for iPads is now also available as a part of the NTPRO 5000 package.
Additional information

Following the regulatory requirements, the Wärtsilä ECDIS simulator operates in two configurations:



ECDIS Classroom for Management-level training
Cloud Simulation

Training requirements

Wärtsilä ECDIS simulator fulfils, and goes beyond, all the below training and simulator requirements and standards to provide you with the most comprehensive, yet cost-efficient, solution for realistic ECDIS training.

ECDIS training regulations:
  • STCW Code Section A-I/12 and Section B-I/12
  • Generic ECDIS Training STCW Tables A-II/1, A-II/2, A-II/3
  • Familiarisation/ Type-Specific ECDIS Training Ch. I – Regulation I/14-1.5 & ISM (International Safety Management) 6.3 & 6.5
  • Performance standards for shipborne navigation equipment IMO A.817(19), IMO MSC.191(79), IMO MSC.232(82), IEC 80/598
  • DNVGL-ST-0033 Maritime simulator systems Edition June 2020
  • IMO Model Course 1.27


Requirements for conventional training and competency certification:
  • A compliant type-approved simulator with mandatory simulator features for ECDIS compliant training:
    • ECDIS backup station
    • Use official S-57 charts
    • Fictitious area
    • Instruments for route planning, work with licenses and chart updates
  • Courseware (minimum recommendations for the generic ECDIS training are described in the IMO model course 1.27, and recommendations for familiarisation/ type-specific training are required by all major flag states)
  • Qualified instructors trained by a system manufacturer are strongly recommended and mandatory for major flag states.


Revised ECDIS standards and their impact on ECDIS training:

IEC and IHO revised their ECDIS standards in August 2015, and the old standards were withdrawn in September 2017. This affected all main standards for ECDIS and the following functions within ECDIS:

  • Alert Management
  • Safety Parameters
  • Chart Management
  • Route Planning
  • Display of Charts
  • Source of information for chart data


What does this mean for ECDIS training?
  1. ECDIS Type-Specific Training / Familiarisation:
    • Port State Controls or vetting inspectors do not check the ECDIS certificates anymore; they check the actual competence of the seafarers.
    • Training Centers will not be able to train the officers to this level of competence using a system that does not reflect the reality on board.
  2. Generic ECDIS Training:
    • Major topics of the generic ECDIS training have changed fundamentally, e.g. switching from "alarms & warnings" to "alarms, warnings, caution, important indication and the indication".
    • Existing installations also should be compliant with these latest changes.
    • The course/centre environment should be re-approved by updating the ECDIS being used for the training.


The Wärtsilä ECDIS simulator fully complies with the following standards:
  • International Convention of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 2010)
  • IIMO model courses
  • IInternational SOLAS Conventions
  • IClose cooperation with ClassNK on training and simulator development
  • IApproved with class notations: INTEGRATED SIMULATOR SYSTEM, NAUT-AW(SIM), DYNPOS-AUT(SIM), HSC, TUG, ICE, AHTS to the Class A Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No. DNVGL-ST-0033 April 2018
  • IThe Nautical Institutes and OSVDPA requirements for Dynamic Positioning Simulators
  • IRegulations concerning special training: fishing operations, VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) operator training, etc.

Also, the Marine Navigation Systems software (MNS 34) is now integrated with the NTPRO 5000 to meet the latest IEC and IHO requirements.

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