Dynamic Positioning

Wärtsilä DP Control Systems

Have full control and maintain your position and heading in every weather and water.


Wärtsilä DP Control Systems ensure that the thrusters and rudders hold the vessel at a specific heading and position despite environmental forces that might drive ships off-station. The system uses inputs from one or more heading sensors combined with position inputs from one or more position reference sensors to precisely control the vessel’s heading and position. These are compared against the operator-entered goal position and then used by the DP system’s Controller and Thrust Allocation Logic to compute the thruster and rudder commands needed to maintain the desired position and heading of the vessel.


The operator interacts with the DP system through the touch screen Multi-Functional Display (MFD). The MFD’s graphic displays allow the operator to control and monitor the vessel’s station-keeping performance while interacting directly with the system. This increases the safety and efficiency of system operations. The operator can also select which sensors and thrusters to use and set the system parameters that affect the DP operation via intuitive on-screen controls and tabs.

Key benefits

  • User interface and applications designed for and by the operator, flexible configurations.
  • User interface shortens training cycle and reduces transition time from other systems.
  • Integrates with all Wärtsilä Platinum products, including automation, navigation/conning, power management, and thruster control.
  • Reduced lifecycle costs due to use of standard components across all Platinum products.
  • Advanced remote diagnostics with available interfaces to multiple vessel systems.

Key features

  • All DP levels, including Class 3 integrated drilling systems.
  • Application-specific operating modes for all vessel types.
  • Common hardware and software components.
  • Networked and highly scalable architecture.
  • Flexible installation for new builds and retrofits.
  • Meets requirements of all international regulatory bodies.
All products
Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum

The Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum user interface represents a leap forward in intuitive ship controls. Full touch operation and screen layout engages the user while ensuring safer and more efficient operation. Only necessary and required information is presented, preventing confusion during critical operations.


A common interface design and multi-function displays for all Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum products ensure consistent operating principles across the bridge.


Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum systems can be configured to meet any class, from simple joystick systems to fully redundant Class 3 systems.



Wärtsilä Joystick with Heading Control System

The Joystick System has been designed to provide easy control of vessel movement. The product consists of 2 modules – a touch PC Operator Workstation paired with a three-axis non-spring-loaded joystick and a Signal Processing Unit (SPU). Connection to the thrusters is simplified using off the shelf I/O modules within the SPU. The product can be upgraded to DP0 with an MRU and a DGPS and a DP1 with a second SPU and Operator Workstation.


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