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All hands on deck: solutions and services fit to meet the evolving needs of maritime cyber resilience and security.

Setting the sails right for the digital shift.


During the last decade, the fourth industrial revolution and digitalisation have transformed the maritime industry’s reliance on data-based and connected solutions — a metamorphosis further accelerated in the post-pandemic world. Today, with software, we can increase both efficiency and safety with solutions like remote monitoring of the vessels, route optimisation, fuel efficiency, Just-in-Time arrivals and optimal port traffic management.


Ships carrying people and goods also carry a plethora of digital data and information from port to port. The increasingly connected vessels, onshore operations and ports demand a clear understanding of the pertinent cyber security risks in order to have a planned approach to monitoring and mitigating them. Maritime cyber security’s overarching goal is, therefore, to support the whole maritime to stay operationally resilient.



Securing the whole maritime ecosystem.


Having visibility of the risks, threats and opportunities within the maritime ecosystem allows the whole industry to be better prepared to the constantly evolving cyber landscape. Thus, cyber security demands collaboration across industry stakeholders and having an all-hands-on-deck attitude.


We, therefore, work very closely with internal and external stakeholders, including shipowners, yards, and classification societies, to deeply understand the industry requirements and demands and provide solutions where the real need is.



Making it easy to make the right decision.


There is no single approach, activity, technology or process that can address all cyber security demands. For the maritime ecosystem to be able to safely and securely benefit from our technological advances a series of things — such as acknowledging the human factor, raising awareness of both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) security among maritime personnel, using data ethically and strengthening the supply chain and co-operation in systems that address cyber security and privacy — play into making the lifecycle of our solutions and services trustworthy and fit for the maritime industry.


With secure connectivity and all the right tools to make the decisions, our systems improve operational efficiency and safety, cutting costs and emissions and truly unlocking the ambit of smart vessels and ports.


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