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With Wärtsilä Online Services you can manage your installation and equipment efficiently by accessing information whenever, wherever. Wärtsilä Online Services CORE level includes the following features, Technical Knowledge, Parts Online, TechRequest, Warranty Online, Field Services & Maintenance planning tool.

The Wärtsilä Online Services, CORE level provides a 24/7 access to:

    Bullet  Technical Knowledge:

Access to information on your installations and equipment such as bulletins, interactive manuals and frequently asked questions 24/7. You can effectively search for equipment specific technical documentation.

     Bullet  Parts Online:

In the Parts Online Services you can identify spare parts through catalogues and illustrations. Check spare part prices and availability, create spare part quotations or orders and track and trace deliveries.
Your order history is automatically archived in the Online Services.
In Parts Claims you can easily and efficiently register spare part claims, track and monitor the resolution progress and statuses of claims.

    Bullet  TechRequest:

By creating a TechRequest you can ask technical questions directly from Wärtsilä Technical Services. With a direct contact and dialogue with Wärtsilä´s technical experts you prevent losing time and any crucial information during the discussion as your questions are automatically sent to the correct team. You can see full history of all Technical questions and related answers for your company and installations.

    Bullet  Warranty Online:

In Warranty Online services you can easily and efficiently register all your warranty claims online and track and trace the resolution progress i.e. claim status and history. The Warranty Online provides you efficient and fast service along with full history of the warranty claim activities.

    Bullet Maintenance planning tool:

With the Maintenance planning tool you can easily plan and schedule maintenance of your Wärtsilä 4-stroke engines in Wärtsilä Online Services.

    Bullet  Field Services:

Field services orders and service work reports available and documented in Wärtsilä Online Services allow you to follow up on the status of field service activities.

The Technical Knowledge section of Wärtsilä Online Services is a real goldmine of knowledge”

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