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Cost-efficient operations and optimised availability are not are just as critical to auxiliary, control and monitoring systems as they are to engines. These all systems require a proactive approach to maintenance that minimises the risk and costs associated with unplanned downtime.

High-quality services for auxiliary systems

Wärtsilä provides spare parts and related services for all Wärtsilä-delivered auxiliary equipment in power plant and marine installations. Our offering includes everything from complete auxiliary units to individual components. We have equipment-specific upgrade packages and alternative or updated components, and can also provide installation-specific spare parts packages that include wear and tear parts, maintenance-related consumables or recommended parts to keep on site.
Wärtsilä auxiliary equipment parts

    Maintenance services, consumables and spare parts are available separately or as part of a package for equipment in the following systems:

    Power plants:

    • Fuel system
    • Lubricating oil system
    • Charge air system
    • Cooling water system
    • Starting air system
    • Control air system
    • Ventilation system
    • Steam production system (boilers)
    • Fresh water production system (evaporators)
    • Heat recovery system (turbines)

    Marine installations:

    • Fuel system 
    • Lubricating oil system 
    • Combustion air and exhaust gas system 
    • Cooling water system 
    • Compressed air system

    With Wärtsilä, you get fast response times and cost-effective, on-time delivery, as well as technical support, installation and maintenance services, and full asset management agreements.

    • Simplified parts management with one supplier for all spare parts and consumables 
    • High-quality OEM parts for increased safety and reliability 
    • Competitive pricing 
    • Easy online purchasing 24/7 via Wärtsilä Online
    Energy, marine and offshore installations.


    Limbe Power Plant
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    Wärtsilä Auxiliary
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