Wärtsilä Controllable pitch propeller services

The solution covers everything from inspections and maintenance to emergency repairs and modernisation or complete replacement of CPP systems. The Wärtsilä service for pitch propellers keeps your installation running smoothly by increasing the reliability while reducing OPEX and ensuring long-term visibility into costs. 

Wärtsilä Controllable pitch propeller services provides a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution while providing support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment. With our services we can support you with scheduled inspections and unplanned repairs, and help you realise fuel-efficiency gains.


    • Maximize vessel uptime and reduce operating costs
    • Ensure safe, reliable performance and access to OEM spare parts
    • Get greater visibility into lifecycle costs with long-term service agreements
    • Benefit from flexible maintenance and global support
    • Increase time between overhauls
    Technical info

    Classification societies require five and ten-year inspections. As well as supporting you with all aspects relating to these inspections, Wärtsilä also provides maintenance guidelines for the entire lifecycle of your vessel’s CPP system. Wärtsilä can supply a class-approved propulsion conditioning monitoring system to increase the time between overhauls as well as services to increase the lifespan and efficiency of the CPP blades.

    The service solution for CPP systems provided by Wärtsilä includes:

    • Inspection and maintenance
    • Propulsion control system upgrades
    • Propeller repair and refurbishment
    • Energy efficiency improvements
    • Product training and the Wärtsilä Land &
      Sea Academy (WLSA)
    • Other OEM services

    All vessels having Controllable pitch propellers from Wärtsilä or other suppliers.

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