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When it comes to maintenance of power generation assets, rapid response is essential in today’s fast-paced world. Customers typically expect a response from suppliers within 24 hours, and on-time delivery of spare parts is crucial in order to ensure that maintenance work is performed in a timely manner. However, maintenance planning and budgeting typically involves many stakeholders and steps, and this increases both processing time and cost.

Wärtsilä Parts predict is a collaborative spare parts planning, budgeting and coordination service that helps you increase the efficiency of engine spare parts supply while reducing costs. 

    Technical info

    Service includes:

    • Parts planning
    • Annual spare parts budget
    • Coordination of spare parts delivery
    • Performance indicators including response time and on-time delivery
    • Enable cost-efficient order handling via collaborative spare parts planning
    • Ensure predictability of spare parts costs through annual collaborative budgeting
    • Get a response to RFQs by the end of the next business day and on-time delivery of spare parts
    • Enjoy peace of mind with our market-leading spare parts warranty

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