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Verification of the real performance of a power system is an important issue for the owner of an engine-based installation. The performance parameters can include fuel consumption, power output, noise, temperature and vibration. Optimising these parameters can help to maintain and improve the operational economy of the power system and ensure compliance with existing standards and regulations.

    Technical info

    These performance parameters can be verified:

    • Turbocharger efficiency
    • Fuel consumption
    • Output power of the engine
    • Cylinder pressures
    • Noise and vibration of the whole installation
    • Torsional vibrations
    • Pressures and temperatures of the installation
    • Thermal scanning for SOLAS compliance and electrical systems
    • Engine parameters
    • Verify the performance of the engines in commissioning
    • Verify the performance of the engine after major overhauls compared to factory test protocols
    • Optimise efficiency and safety of the installation throughout its lifecycle
    • Verify the effect of engine and installation conversions and updates
    • Ensure accurate result with network of experts using advanced tools and specialised knowledge
    All performance measurements are available for all 4-stroke engines in the Wärtsilä portfolio, both in Marine and Power Plant applications. Most of the measurements are also applicable for other 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines.

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