Wärtsilä Nohab 25 Fuel Pipe Upgrade

The Wärtsilä Nohab 25 Fuel Pipe Upgrade improves the engine's reliability and safety. By reducing fuel pipe vibrations, the upgrade helps to prevent unexpected stops that could result from cracks and leaks.

    Technical info

    The upgrade includes:

    • Improved and additional support brackets for fuel oil main manifold
    • Modification of the fuel spill bracket, with drillings for fuel pipe support brackets
    • S-shaped inlet and outlet connecting pipes
    • Improves engine reliability and safety
    • Prevents leakage of fuel oil
    • Prevents unexpected stops and downtime
    • Complies with requirements from Marine Classification Societies
    The upgrade is applicable for all cylinder configurations of Wärtsilä Nohab 25 V-engines.

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