Wärtsilä Balancing shaft monitoring system for W20

Balancing shaft bearing failure can lead to major damage causing significant direct cost on replacement but also loss of revenue due to vessel downtime. In order to ensure reliable function of the balancing shafts Wärtsilä has developed a cost-effective and easy-to-install system which enables to continuously monitor the temperature of the balancing shaft bearings. The system enables reliability and safety of the engine while reducing maintenance costs – there is no need for intermediate bearing inspection between scheduled replacement intervals as the system enables you to continuously measure and monitor the bearing temperatures.

    Technical info

    The Wärtsilä Balancing shaft bearing monitoring system enables you to continuously measure bearing temperatures in the balancing shaft. The easy-to-install system enables the crew to monitor temperature trends and readings via a local display unit.

    The system is connected to the vessel’s main automation system, which triggers an alarm when pre-set values are exceeded. Measured temperatures can also be checked from the external monitoring system via Modbus TCP. In multi-engine installations, up to three engines can be connected to a single electrical cabinet with a local display unit.

    • Improve personnel safety by reducing the risk of engine damage
    • Increase the reliability and safety of your engine with continuous monitoring of bearing temperature
    • Reduce the maintenance costs – no need for intermediate bearing inspection between scheduled replacement intervals
    The solution is suitable for all installations having Wärtsilä 4L20, A4L20 or Wärtsilä Vasa 4R32 engines. 

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