Wartsila 46F Performance Upgrade
Wärtsilä 46F Performance Upgrade

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Wärtsilä 46F Performance Upgrade

Optimising the combustion process of marine engines is a quick and cost-effective way to reduce both vessel emissions and operating costs.

The Wärtsilä 46F Performance Upgrade for Wärtsilä 46F engines uses the latest turbocharger technology to boost engine performance and fuel economy. It optimises OPEX by extending the recommended exchange interval of the turbocharger’s rotating components by 50% to 75,000 running hours.


 Key benefits

  • Optimise OPEX
  • Extend exchange interval of turbocharger rotating components by 50%
  • Improve turbocharger efficiency by 3%
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • Lower thermal load


    Optimised OPEX with extended exchange interval

    The upgrade extends the recommended exchange interval of the turbocharger’s rotating components by 50% to 75,000 running hours. This gives more flexibility to match the turbocharger overhaul for example to the vessel’s docking or engine’s maintenance schedule.

    Improved turbocharger efficiency and reduced thermal load

    The upgrade improves turbocharger efficiency by 3%, leading to improved engine performance. It also lowers the thermal load by reducing the exhaust temperature both before the turbo and after the cylinders, which extends the lifetime of the turbocharger and engine components.

    Reduced fuel consumption and emissions

    The upgrade can reduce the fuel consumption by approximately 1–1.5g/kWh, which for a W8L46F engine translates into a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 147 tons per year.

    Technical info

    The tailored upgrade package for Wärtsilä 46F engines equipped with TPL76 turbochargers introduces the latest C8X turbocharger cartridge technology to optimise the combustion process. This solution has demonstrated its ability to improve turbocharger efficiency and engine fuel economy in a series of comprehensive field tests.


    The upgrade is suitable for Wärtsilä 46F engines equipped with TPL76 turbochargers. To secure the best possible return on investment, the upgrade should be performed at 48,000-50,000 running hours, when the turbocharger is due for a major overhaul. The upgrade process takes just one day per turbocharger.

    The Wärtsilä 46F Performance Upgrade improves turbocharger efficiency by 3% and can cut fuel consumption by 1–1.5g/kWh. For a W8L46F engine this would result in a reduction of around 147 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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