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Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade

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Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade – Miller valve timing and TPL76-C8X

Maximising plant efficiency is critical to stay competitive in energy-production markets. Wärtsilä and ABB have jointly developed a performance upgrade package for W18V46 power plant installations equipped with TPL76C turbochargers that enables power plant operators to take advantage of earlier Miller inlet valve timing combined with the latest in turbocharger technology.

The upgrade reduces specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC), improves reliability, and reduces both OPEX costs and emissions. It also reduces maintenance costs by extending the overhaul interval of the turbocharger’s rotating parts to 75,000 running hours as well as resets the maintenance interval of the camshafts. The package is offered as a complete turnkey project including engine modification, replacement of the turbocharger cartridge with a new TPL76-C8X cartridge, and all needed performance and smoke measurements.


    • Reduce SFOC by up to 4g/kWh
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Cut emissions
    • Improve lifecycle support
    • Increase engine output and reliability

    Technical info

    The following are affected by the upgrade:

    • Turbocharger type and/or specification
    • Valve timing
    • Start of Injection (SOI)

    The upgrade involves replacing the camshafts to allow for higher Miller inlet valve timing and installing a new TPL76-C8X cartridge to improve the efficiency of TPL76C turbochargers. Engine tuning (SOI) is often needed to keep the firing pressure at the correct level (in a range allowed by emission regulations), or in order to optimise specific fuel oil consumption. The final component supply and settings are determined case by case according to customer needs and performed simulations.

    The upgrade is best timed to when the turbocharger is due for major maintenance.


    Wärtsilä 18V46 engines equipped with TPL76C turbochargers.


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