Wartsila Piston upgrade with internal lubrication and APR

Longer component lifetime with the updated cylinder head for Wärtsilä 46 engines

An engine cylinder head faces many sources of stress and needs to withstand high pressures and temperatures. Some areas of the cylinder head are especially vulnerable to thermal deformation, which results in a shorter component lifetime. Wärtsilä has optimised the cylinder head design for Wärtsilä 46 engines, leading to a temperature drop of approximately 10% on the flame plate and combustion side of the cylinder head. The end result is longer component lifetime.

Wärtsilä continually develops its cylinder heads to make them even more hard-wearing than they are today. Advances in manufacturing technologies have allowed us to further optimise the cylinder head design for Wärtsilä 46 engines. With the new design, cylinder head flame plate temperatures have dropped by approximately 40°C. Due to the lower thermal stress, the lifetime of the flame plate and combustion side is significantly improved. After a successful field test, we are offering our new design for most Wärtsilä 46 engines. The new cylinder head generation is especially beneficial for engines with excessive thermal load, typically experienced in peaking type operation, on engines that are often started and stopped and in installations where the cooling capacity for other reasons is limited. 

The new cylinder head is fully interchangeable with earlier designs so the new and old design cylinder heads can be mixed in the engine. The new generation cylinder heads are marked with the Wärtsilä logotype and are supplied with valves. The new cylinder heads will replace the earlier variants as of now. 

    • Longer component lifetime 
    • Thermal load reduction and increased cooling capacity
    • Approximately 10% lower cylinder head flame plate temperatures
    • Reduced risk of downtime due to increased component longevity
    WÄRTSILÄ® 46 engines
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