Wärtsilä Remote operational support (ROS) for 2-stroke engines

Modern two-stroke engines are becoming increasingly complex in order to meet the demands of greater energy efficiency and more stringent emission regulations. This complexity, combined with the widening crew skill gap, poses serious cost and operational risks for vessel operators. Wärtsilä ROS solves these challenges by acting as a virtual member of the crew, available 24/7 to provide expert remote support and guidance for troubleshooting and maintenance using specialist diagnostic tools.

    Technical info
    Wärtsilä ROS is available for all electronically controlled Wärtsilä/WinGD two-stroke and Wärtsilä four-stroke engines. 

    For older RTA-series engines we can perform an in-depth evaluation to determine the optimal solution for the installation in question.

    Wärtsilä ROS uses the same data acquisition platform as Wärtsilä Condition based maintenance (CBM) services. This means that as a ROS customer you can take advantage of the benefits of CBM – including continuous engine health analysis, optimisation and predictive maintenance – for a marginal extra cost.
    • Real-time 24/7 expert support for rapid troubleshooting, guidance and fault elimination
    • Minimised earnings loss from vessel off-hire or unplanned downtime
    • Reduced need for costly on-site visits
    • Minimised OPEX and lifecycle costs through timely interventions and countermeasures
    • Improved support for crew reassures vessel owners of enhanced reliability
    Wärtsilä Remote operational support (ROS) for 2-stroke engines is standard service product included in all our new 2-stroke engine maintenance  agreements.  However, It is also available as a stand alone solution without a maintenance agreement.


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