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Wärtsilä SAM Electronics - Your partner for competence and Innovation

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics is an internationally-renowned systems company and leading partner with worldwide shipping companies, navies and shipyards. Our capabilities and core competences are based on more than 100 years of experience. We deliver innovative and reliable system solutions and products designed to meet the most precise requirements for ships of all types and sizes. Our scope ranges from highly sophisticated and proven system installations to standardized systems and individual products for retrofit applications.

Wärtsilä SAM Electonics  is fully committed to the purpose, mission, vison and values of Wärtsilä Coperation.

Systems integration

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics is one of the leading providers of complete electrical and electronic system packages for vessels – we deliver turnkey solutions. The turnkey solutions business unit offers extensive systems integration competence, and acts as an EPC contractor for complete electrical packages – typically in close partnership with the shipyard.

Your benefit is our systems engineering competence, creating smarter solutions with less cost and a shorter installation time. Combining this service with taking overall responsibility for a detailed electrical systems design, our focus is on optimizing the entire onboard system. In this role, we are also responsible for interfacing with all the shipyard’s sub-contractors.


    Design and planning

    The success of a project depends to a large degree on professional project management and monitoring. Therefore, we ensure that the overall project management is assigned to an experienced project manager, supported by a dedicated project team with full responsibility for the successful completion of the contract.

    The design has to comply with all the requirements applicable to the vessel in order to achieve the contracted performance, and to provide the desired functionalities. Therefore, close cooperation with the shipyard and its sub-contractors is essential in creating the optimal design. We have extensive in-house know-how and the experience needed to successfully coordinate and interface all electrical systems and sub-systems to achieve the technical goal.

    • Project management
    • Responsibility matrix
    • Project schedule
    • Power distribution concept
    • Load balance
    • Basic and detailed design
    • Interface engineering (also for products and systems of third parties)
    • Clarification of measuring points (list of measuring points)
    • Clarification of mimic diagrams
    • Authority and classification approvals
    Integrated Systems

    Cable network installation

    Cable installation is a highly technical process and one of the most demanding services onboard ships. Wärtsilä SAM Electronics provides an experienced team of installation specialists for the engineering, planning, and preparation of installation work, as well as construction supervision.

    Main tasks

    • Main cable way planning and routing
    • Cable diagrams
    • Installation manual with relevant used material
    • EMV concept
    • Equipment list with electrical interface
    • Room number plan
    • List of preferred cable types
    • Cable routing
    • Cable installation list with cable type and number, routing information, etc.
    • Material ordering
    • Cable cutting list
    • Construction supervision
    • Locksmith work
    • Cable pulling
    • Cable connection
    • Commissioning

    Engineering and consulting

    The engineering work requires an understanding of the electrical system’s role as part of the vessel’s overall system. Although engineering is normally included in the electrical system design, in special cases engineering can be offered as part of a package or as a stand-alone service. Consulting or assistance in specification preparations is also offered.

    Basic Design

    • Power distribution concept
    • Preliminary short circuit calculation
    • Preliminary load balance
    • Concepts for technical rooms
    • Cable way routing

    Detailed Design

    • Detailed power distribution concept
    • Short circuit calculation
    • Load balance
    • Interfaces between systems
    • Cable engineering (see cable network installation)
    • Lighting system design (see lighting system)
    • Clarification of measuring point list and mimic diagrams for alarm and control systems
    • Mechanical integration of electrical equipment
    • Approval documentation for classification society
    • Documentation


    • Consulting for power distribution concept (depending on demands and on short circuit level and voltage levels)
    • Concept for electrical drive systems
    • Specifications for electrical systems in connection with ship design and owners request
    • Supervising of cable installation


      Cruise and Ferries

      Passenger vessels range in size from small river ferries to giant cruise ships. The various needs of each ship depend on its type, the ship’s owner and operator, and on the passenger and crew requirements. To provide the appropriate safety, reliability and comfort, the design and development of the exact equipment and systems needed demand specialized capabilities.

      Wärtsilä SAM Electronics serves passenger vessels with a broad scope that covers everything from highly sophisticated and proven system installations, to standardized solutions and individual products for retrofit applications. Our proven expertise is based on intensive involvement in many different projects.


      We have delivered numerous projects requiring customized solutions for smaller sport fishing and sailing yachts, as well as for some of the world´s largest and most complex yachts. We are among the world’s leading suppliers, most notably in the Megayacht segment with vessels of 160 metres or more in length. The unique demands of our projects keep us at the cutting edge of yacht systems technology.

      Our delivery scope includes diesel-electric propulsion, power supply, automation, navigation and dynamic positioning, communication, entertainment, special light and sound outfits, as well as safety and security systems, cable networks and complete installations. Our worldwide network of subsidiaries and partners enables us to provide an efficient, fast, and reliable service to our customers.


      Shipping is already a relatively eco-friendly means of transport. However, further environmental protection measures are necessary and under the motto “Green Shipping”, the maritime industry is taking positive steps towards reducing CO2 emissions and pollution from ships. Nevertheless, new regulations and rising fuel costs are putting pressure on shipping companies.

      We develop innovative state-of-the-art technologies aimed at reducing emissions and operating costs. Our Wärtsilä SAMCon shore connection provides shoreside emissions-free electrical power for vessels while their main and auxiliary engines are disconnected. Our shaft alternators are also becoming more and more popular, since they represent an economic and environmentally-friendly solution for electrical power onboard ships at sea.

      Special Vessels

      Special vessels, such as dredgers, tugboats, pilot boats, rescue boats, cable laying ships, scientific research vessels, survey vessels, icebreakers, and  offshore wind farm installation vessels, are designed primarily to perform specific tasks. They typically have a high demand for onboard technologies, e.g. applications requiring a high power supply, reliable propulsion systems, as well as specific monitoring and control solutions.

      Wärtsilä SAM Electronics provides innovative and custom-made solutions for all types of vessels. We take responsibility for the integration of complete electrical and electronic packages, including turnkey solutions. Achieving customer satisfaction is central to all our work.


      Dredging vessels are designed for excavation activities usually carried out at least partly underwater. They operate in shallow or fresh water areas with the purpose of excavating bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location, mostly to keep waterways navigable. To perform these tasks, dredgers are equipped with various devices that are specific to dredging operations.

      We provide customized solutions for power generation and distribution, as well as electric drives. The product scope for dredger applications also includes dredger control technology, which permits control of the entire dredging process.


      Wärtsilä SAM Electronics provides navies and shipyards worldwide with turnkey electrical platform solutions, including the following capabilities:

      • Complete project design, development, production and management
      • Power supply, distribution and conversion equipment, as well as switchgear systems and components
      • Special equipment and complete lighting systems
      • Installation work for complex cable systems
      • Degaussing and cathodic corrosion protection systems
      • Navigation systems
      • Integrated logistics support

      Backed by 30 years of experience, we are proud to have participated in many national and international projects. For example, our contribution to the German Navy is demonstrated through our performance on the Class 124 and 125 frigates, Class 130 corvettes, and Class 702 combat support ships.

      Customer support

      Maintaining efficient system functionality at the highest level of safety is essential for the successful operation of today’s ships. Providing the fastest and best possible service to our customers is our task. As our customers operations are truly global, we have established a worldwide service organisation covering the full scope of services necessary to provide support throughout the full lifecycle of a vessel. Our product scope covers field and remote service, software maintenance, upgrades and full refits. Turnkey solutions are also available if required.

      Should technical problems occur, an immediate response is vital. Our 24/7 hotline guarantees that you get qualified support without delay. Our call agents have full access to our data base and will make sure that your service call is immediately transferred to our technical support or service experts.

      Should you need assistance, please call our support hotline at: 
      +49 (0) 180 600 85 53 (24 hrs)


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