Safety day 2018
On the road

Wärtsilä’s fourth annual global Safety Day took place on March 15th, 2018. This year we were on the road focusing on traffic safety.

Road safety is a topic anyone can relate to. We are all on the move; commuting to work, travelling for work or going from one place to another on our leisure time. Still we rarely come to think that being on the road is probably one of the most dangerous things we do during a regular day.

Wärtsilä wants to dedicate a full day to road safety to raise awareness of the risks and to help our employees make safe choices when travelling on the road.

We warmly welcome you to spend some time on this website – watch the videos on actual road accidents that happened in Wärtsilä’s operations in Oman and Senegal. See if you can make the correct choices on an interactive video, and check out some road safety facts on the infographics. Once you feel comfortable enough, test yourself in the online quiz.

Wärtsilians tips for road safety

Be aware of your surroundings and be on alert of other driver

We asked you to send videos of how Wärtsilians commute around the globe. Watch to see your best tips how to make our streets safer!

Keep the local emergency contacts stored in your mobile

Senior Service Engineer Matti P. and his team had a head-on collision at Oman desert. Watch the interview to get Matti's three points for safer travel.

Remember to wear your seat belt every time you travel

On the last day of the project, Abdou D. was retuning from a gold mine, when their car hit a bridge and fell down. The seat belts saved the people inside.

Participate in the quiz

Download Safety Day -infographs

Download inforgraphs on different themes to print out on your office or to share on social media. 

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