Safety Day 2021 - Every Step Matters

Wärtsilä’s seventh annual Safety Day takes place on October 6th, 2021. This year the theme is Every Step Matters to prevent slips, trips and falls. The objective of the 2021 Safety Day is to increase awareness of the slip, trip and fall risks and their potential consequences, to promote necessary safety measures needed when walking around and working at heights and to strengthen our safety culture and celebrate the success in safety.

Safety Day 2021 logo

These are the key safe behaviours to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Safety day 2021 - No texting while walking
Safety day 2021 - Working at heights
Safety day 2021 - Stop and care
Safety day 2021 - Keep walkways clear
Safety day 2021 - Hold the handrail

Children's art challenge

This year we also invite our employees to discuss Every Step Matters at home and ask children to draw their ideas on preventing slips, trips and falls at our workplace. Have a look at some of the beautiful artworks received.

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