Wärtsilä 14

The Wärtsilä 14 is the most compact engine in its power range in the marine market, and serves both propulsion and auxiliary genset applications in the global marine and offshore markets. The engine is an integral element within Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine vision for the future of shipping, whereby optimal efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability will be the key pillars in achieving and maintaining profitable operations for ship owners and operators around the world.

The Wärtsilä 14 high-speed engine is available in 12- and 16-cylinder configurations, having a power output between 755 and 1340 kWm in mechanical propulsion, and between 675 and 1155 kWe in auxiliary generating set and diesel-electric propulsion applications.


    Wärtsilä 14 is intended for multiple applications within the marine and offshore markets. The Wärtsilä 14 can serve both main propulsion and auxiliary genset applications, and is also well-suited for hybrid installations. The Wärtsilä 14 engine is especially aimed at segments and vessel types where the operating profile, fuel type used, and power to weight ratio better befit high-speed engines. These include for example tugs, small ferries, offshore service vessels, fishing vessels, inland vessels and the merchant auxiliary market.

    Technical data
    Wärtsilä 14
    Cylinder configuration 12V  16V
    Engine length (mm) 2080 2514
    Engine width (mm) 1435 1540
    Engine height (mm) 1495 1517
    Engine weight (kg) 2700  3800
    Wärtsilä 14
    Cylinder configuration 12V  16V
    Nominal power (kWm) 755 - 1005 1005 - 1340
    Nominal power (kWe) 675 - 865 900 - 1155
    Nominal speed (rpm) 1500 - 1900 1500 - 1900
    Engine Displacement (L) 27  36
    Bore (mm)  135
    Stroke (mm)  157
    205,0 g/kWh at ISO condition
    Fuel LFO, S max 0,5% 
    Key benefits

    Designed to fit requirements for limited space and weight, lower CAPEX, as well as both current and future global emissions restrictions, the Wärtsilä 14 engine bears testimony to Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine vision as we continue to offer customers increasingly wider options for meeting their specific operational needs. These include solutions for reaching the highest levels of efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in a rapidly changing and technologically developing market.

    Press releases


    Wärtsilä 14: lighter, smarter and greener

    The new engine in Wärtsilä’s smart marine solutions range is compact, cost-efficient and more sustainable...
    1 October 2018
    • Twentyfour7. article

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